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Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters

October 7, 1926
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[The purpose of the Digest is informative. Preference is given to papers not generally accessible to our readers. Quotation does not indicate approval.–Editor.]

The conversion of the Joint Distribution Committee by the forthcoming Chicago conference from an emergency committee to that of a national Jewish relief organization elected by the people, is urged in the “Day” by Dr. K. Fornberg.

Referring to the importance of the Chicago conference as a gathering where reports of a year’s successful work will be rendered, Dr. Fornberg proceeds to say: “But–listening to reports is not sufficient. We will consider the Chicago conference as a complete 100% success only when it will send its roots into the masses by constituting itself and acting as a large national organization.”

This, the writer urges, does not mean that the present leaders of the Joint Distribution Committee and the United Jewish Campaign are to be ousted or replaced. On the contrary, he wants them to continue in their present role as leaders. “However,” he explains, “they themselves should feel more gratified and vested with well deserved and still greater moral authority, when their leadership will have the legal approval of a popular election. Precisely because we have now at the head of the J. D. C. such efficient and deserving men, the time is ripe for a transition from the committee form to the form of a national organization, from self-election to election by the people, which is of course a higher form of recognition and authorization.

“Once this step is taken, the rest will follow naturally, so that, almost without any exertion and certainly without any sort of revolution in the present status quo, the J. D. C. and the United Jewish Campaign, actually existing but juridically uncertain and temporary organizations, will be converted into a permanent national body, with deep continuous roots in the people.”

Dr. Fornberg suggests the following method of carrying through the reorganization: “Every local campaign committee should be converted into a temporary local executive committee. All who have contributed or will contribute to the drive are to be regarded as members. Together, the members and the executive committee are to constitute the local ‘branch’ of the national organization, which is to be known as the United Jewish Campaign of which the J.D.C. is to be the National Executive.”


Comment on the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” is contained in an editorial of the “Presbyterian of the South” of Richmond, Va., wherein we read:

“Among our exchanges is a very interesting little sheet, the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin.’ It is published every day except Saturdays and the Jewish high holidays. It gives Jewish news from all parts of the world. It claims to give only facts, without expressing any editorial opinion. We find it well worth reading. . . . The purpose of the paper is to give news of Jews to Jews and it does it well. If all papers were as peaceably inclined to all people as is the ‘Bulletin,’ we would see great improvement in many of the papers published by those who claim to be Christians.”.

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