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  • Halpern Hits Administration’s Tourist Tax Proposals As ‘slap’ at Israel

    Rep. Seymour Halpern, N.Y. Rep., a member of the House International Finance Subcommittee, criticized the Administration’s proposals for a tax on tourism today on the grounds that a travel tax, “in effect, is a slap in the face to Israel in view of that nation’s arrangements to honor her 20th anniversary of independence with many… More ▸

  • Orthodox Scientists Told They Have Role in Finding New Ways to Teach Judaism

    Orthodox Jewish scientists should help find an answer to the question of how Judaism may be brought “to masses of Jews estranged from it,” Dr. Cyril Domb, British physicist, told the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists here. Addressing the association’s 20th anniversary banquet, Dr. Domb, president of the organization in Britain, said Orthodox scientists should… More ▸

  • House Gets Resolution for Construction of Three Desalination Plants in Mideast

    Rep. William D. Hathaway, Maine Dem., introduced a resolution today advocating adoption by the House of the sense of Congress measure passed by the Senate last December to aid construction of three huge nuclear desalination plants in the Middle East. The first to be built was envisaged for Israel. The Hathaway resolution is identical to… More ▸

  • Chicago Polish-language Paper Condemns Anti-semitism

    A Polish-language daily published here condemned anti-Semitism as “but one step on the ladder leading to genocide.” The Chicago Polish-American, in an editorial condemning President de Gaulle’s attack on Israel and the Jewish people, said that “perhaps the outcry of public opinion has taught de Gaulle that, in the West at least, anti-Semitism will no… More ▸

  • Israel Bars Egyptian Pound As Legal Tender in Gaza Strip; Offer

    Israeli authorities announced today that the Egyptian pound will cease to be negotiable currency in the Gaza Strip and Sinai after Feb. 16 and possession of it will be prohibited. The Israel pound will be the only legal tender. Col. Dan Hiram, coordinator of economic affairs in the occupied territories, said the measure was taken… More ▸

  • German Couple Jailed in Egypt on Charge of Spying for Israel Released

    A German man and wife who were imprisoned in Egypt two and a half years ago for alleged espionage on behalf of Israel, have been released and have returned to West Germany, it was learned here today. Their present whereabouts are unknown. Cairo claimed several weeks ago that the release of Wolfgang Lotz and his… More ▸

  • Western Aliyah Held ‘nigh Impossible’ Because of Israel’s Economic Problems

    A member of the Jewish Agency Executive declared here last night that it was “well nigh impossible” to expect Jews from Western countries to immigrate to Israel because of the present economic conditions in Israel.” Yosef Klarman, addressing the European conference of Herut. said that the main problem faced by Jewish immigrants from the West… More ▸

  • Monument Planned in Israel for European Jewish Athletes Slain by Nazis

    A monument to Jewish athletes in Europe who died at the hands of the Nazis will be unveiled at the Maccabi village in Israel at the end of April, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned here today. The athletes were members of the Hakoah and Maccabi sports organizations in Europe. Norbert Katz, one of the sponsors… More ▸

  • Israel Says Marshal Tito’s Interference is Hampering Peace Efforts

    The Foreign Ministry charged tonight that President Tito of Yugoslavia was interfering with the efforts of United Nations agencies to promote a permanent peace in the Middle East and warned that his “one-sided” initiatives may have just the opposite effect. The Foreign Ministry statement, in reply to questions here, referred to Marshal Tito’s recent visits… More ▸