UJA Plans International Closed Circuit Radio Broadcast from Israel

One hundred and fifty American Jewish communities will join in an unprecedented international radio network broadcast from Jerusalem Wednesday to listen to a special message by Israel’s Premier Yitzhak Rabin. The broadcast, which takes place during the Jewish Agency Board of Governors meeting, includes Frank R. Lautenberg, United Jewish Appeal general chairman; Yosef Almogi, chairman, Jewish Agency; Max Fisher, chairman, Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency; and Jerold Hoffberger, president; Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds.

In this closed circuit radio network transmission, American Jewish leadership will listen to a live broadcast of the decision-making process of the Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors as they deal with the humanitarian problems of the people of Israel:

“The purpose of the broadcast,” according to Lautenberg, “is to accelerate completion of the 1976 campaign by setting a national closing date of June 6, which is the anniversary of the Six-Day War. This concentrated ten-week period which will build in intensity to the closing date must increase cash collections, will create a sense of unity here and in Israel, and sensitize the American Jewish community to the significance of the UJA’s ‘This Year in Jerusalem’ national conference in October.”

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