Olmert: Back U.S. in Iraq


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called on U.S. Jews to back a continued U.S.
presence in Iraq.

succeeds in Iraq,
is safer,” Olmert said late Monday in a live satellite address from his Jerusalem
home to 6,000 delegates attending the American Israel Public Affairs
Committee’s annual policy conference in Washington.
“The friends of Israel
know it, the friends who care about Israel
know it. They will keep the Americans strong, powerful and convincing.”

plea was greeted with polite applause in a hall packed with hundreds of
representatives from the Democratic and Republican Parties and at a time when
the Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress are pushing legislation
that would roll back the U.S.
presence in Iraq.

Delegates greeted Olmert’s repeated entreaties, delivered
from the living room from his home at 4 a.m.
time, with polite applause; AIPAC is striving to build bipartisan support for
tightening sanctions on Iran.

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