Portman sees Israel as mixed blessing


Natalie Portman said she loves her native Israel, despite her difficulties
in being a Hollywood celebrity there. The Jerusalem-born film star said in a
newspaper interview published last Friday that she visits Israel from her home in
the United States at least three or four times a year.

“I see myself as a
citizen of the world, and I want to feel at home anywhere I go, but
obviously I have an emotional connection to Israel that connects me to
it more than to other places,” she told Yediot Achronot.

But Portman
complained that Israelis in general deny her privacy when she visits. “They
treat you like an object, like a Mickey Mouse doll,” she said. “They point at you, stare
at you, photograph you, shout.”

Thus, the 25-year-old beauty
said, romantic overtures are rare for her in Israel. “I can’t explain
it. The guys just don’t approach me,” she said.

Portman may spend more
time than ever in Israel if she follows through on tentative plans to
direct and act in a film adaptation of Amos Oz’s memoir, “A Tale of Love and

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