Clinton thanks AJCommittee for tackling Carter


Former President
Clinton told the American Jewish Committee he was “grateful” for the
group’s critiques of Jimmy Carter’s claims about Clinton’s peacemaking efforts.

“I don’t
know where his information (or conclusions) come from,” Clinton wrote in a
handwritten note to AJCommittee Executive Director David Harris, who had
critiqued former President Carter’s book, “Palestine: Peace Not
Apartheid,” “but Dennis Ross has tried to straighten it out, publicly
and in two letters to him. At any rate, I’m grateful.”

Ross, Clinton’s
top envoy to the region, has disputed Carter’s contention that the
Clinton-sanctioned offer Israel made to the Palestinians in 2000 would have
left them with just small Bantustans. Ross says Carter misrepresented maps Ross
published outlining the offer.

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