Olmert quoted on Iran attack


Ehud Olmert was quoted as outlining a possible military strike on Iran’s
nuclear sites.
“Nobody is ruling it out,” the German magazine Focus quoted the Israeli prime
minister as saying over the weekend, when asked about pre-emptive strikes on

“It is impossible, perhaps, to destroy the entire nuclear program, but it
would be possible to damage it in such a way that it would be set back
years,” Olmert told the magazine. “It would take 10 days and would involve
the firing of 1,000 Tomahawk cruise missiles.”

Olmert’s office denied he had made the statements, and Focus withdrew the
article from its Web site, citing translation problems. But the alleged quotes drew reactions in Iran, which rebuffed them, and among
Olmert’s critics in Israel, who accused him of flexing his muscles ahead of the
publication of a commission of inquiry report on the failings of last year’s
Lebanon war.

The United States and Israel have not ruled out military action as a last
resort to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. But the United States and
Britain are the only countries that have Tomahawk missiles.

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