Paul: My policy benefits Israel


Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul says his foreign policy would benefit Israel.

Mainstream Jewish groups have shunned Paul, a U.S. congressman from Texas upsetting his party’s presidential field. His lonely anti-war candidacy, once thought of as a long shot, is now competitive with front-runners in fund raising.

Paul has long opposed defense and other assistance to Israel, a policy consistent with his opposition to all foreign aid. He also has said the pro-Israel lobby is too influential in Washington, another statement that is consistent with his disdain for foreign policy lobbying.

In a statement released Wednesday to JTA, the Paul campaign cast those beliefs in a pro-Israel light. It reads, in part:

“I do believe that our current policies toward Israel are doing more harm than good to those we profess to support. Our foreign military aid to Israel is actually more like corporate welfare to the U.S. military industrial complex, as Israel is forced to purchase only U.S. products with the assistance.”

Paul said, “We have adopted a foreign policy that has left Israel surrounded by militaristic nations while undermining Israel’s sovereignty by demanding that its foreign and defense policies be essentially pre-approved in Washington.”

He adds later, “The United States should take care of its own sovereignty while at the same time respecting the sovereignty of nations like Israel. That is the best way to preserve security and prosperity for all.”




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