Former prosecutor to help Agriprocessors on compliance


Just got this announcement from Agriprocessors’ spokesperson:

As part of the ongoing effort to enhance compliance with immigration and employment law, Agriprocessors has retained Jim Martin and his compliance specialty group, The Prevene Group, as the company’s outside Corporate Compliance Officer. Martin, a former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, will begin his efforts immediately.

“My job is to ensure the company operates in compliance with all applicable laws,” Martin said. “Agriprocessors’ 800 jobs are important to Postville and northern Iowa, along with the observant Jewish community across the country that relies on them for their kosher meat and poultry. Agriprocessors can meet the needs of those who depend on the company and operate in compliance with all laws, and I intend to see that happen.”

After spending more than 20 years with the United States Attorney’s Office, Mr. Martin has spent the past several years helping companies strengthen and enhance their compliance programs. He was recently recognized in Best Lawyers in America for corporate governance and compliance law.

“We are pleased to have someone with the integrity and credentials of Jim Martin join our team,” said Heshy Rubashkin, vice president, Agriprocessors. “Retaining Jim and his team is part of our ongoing effort to improve compliance and company performance. We take our responsibility to our employees, to Postville and to the observant community very seriously.”

Agriprocessors is also searching for a new Chief Executive Officer.

“We have identified qualified candidates and started the interview process,” Rubashkin said. “Obviously selecting the right person for this job is critical. We are moving with deliberate speed to make the best selection as soon as possible. Hiring a new CEO and retaining an outside Corporate Compliance Officer demonstrates our company’s commitment to meaningful change.”

The company continues to cooperate with the government following the recent worksite enforcement action that led to the management changes. The company is also conducting an independent investigation of the circumstances which led to the enforcement action. The company cannot respond to specific allegations until that investigation is complete and pending legal issues are resolved.

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