No Excuses On Abuse


Regarding Erica Brown’s “Open Letter To Frank Bruni” (Aug. 2, Back of the Book), decades ago, as the news of Catholic Church abuse came to light, many Orthodox
Jews snickered with schadenfreude. More recently, as the epidemic of abuse in the haredi community has become public, educated Orthodox Jews stood on their morally
superior soapbox posturing how much better they would handle such events
should they ever occur in their community, as unlikely as that might be.

that the plague has indeed been exposed in their world, the educated Orthodox
insist the abuse in their community isn’t really that bad.

Excuses like “those times were different” and “he apologized” don’t
make child abuse any less malevolent. Brown’s competitive
scorekeeping between them and us serves no productive purpose. The number of
Orthodox rabbis who have committed sexual abuse of children may indeed be
small. But a drop of cyanide can poison an entire bottle of water, 
particularly if some who knew about it failed to point it out. In my mind, that’s exponentially worse than a drop of treif in an otherwise kosher

Holliswood, Queens