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6 Degrees No Bacon

  • Meryl Streep labels Walt Disney anti-Semitic, sexist

      Walt Disney may be portrayed as a mensch in “Saving Mr. Banks,” but Meryl Streep wants everyone to know that isn’t entirely accurate. Streep took the stage at the National Board of Review awards gala in New York to present an award to Emma Thompson for her role in the film, a story about… More ▸

  • Lena Dunham lands Vogue cover

    Not only is “Girls” coming soon to a small screen near you (that’s Sunday January 12th on HBO, in case you haven’t yet set a phone alert)—it’s also hitting the newsstands (that’s where you can find magazines printed on glossy paper, in case you were born anytime after 1990.) According to Page Six, Vogue is devoting… More ▸

  • Bar Refaeli got a tattoo

    Israeli model Bar Refaeli has revealed a photo of her brand new body art on Instagram. Concerned fans, like the ones who posted comments about how Refaeli has gone and ruined her body, can rest assured that the small butterfly, done in white ink, is absolutely not the first stage of a sleeve. As Refaeli… More ▸

  • Jerry Seinfeld reveals new collaboration with Larry David

    Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have teamed up for a new project, and it’s big. And…well, that’s it. Other than the fact that the thing is about “intentional mumbling” and that we will see it “eventually,” Seinfeld revealed little else about the script while answering audience questions on Reddit’s AMA, or “Ask me Anything,” feature… More ▸

  • David Copperfield engaged to model girlfriend

    Mazel tov to David Copperfield and Chloe Gosselin on their engagement! The 57-year-old Jewish illusionist formerly known as David Kotkin and his new fiance, French model Gosselin, 28, have a 3-year-old daughter together named Sky. This is Copperfield’s second time popping the question to a model. Back in the 90s he was famously engaged to… More ▸

  • Harry Styles’ 2014 New Year’s resolution: Learn Hebrew

    Hebrew school-dreading children everywhere may have a new and very surprising source of inspiration. According to the Daily Star, One Direction’s Harry Styles has taken up Hebrew lessons. “Harry’s made it his mission to learn to speak and write Hebrew,” a source said, adding that the British cutie plans to devote 2014 to picking up… More ▸

  • Watch: An Israeli John Kerry parody video

    While John Kerry’s visit to the Middle East has not yet resulted in the Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty the U.S. Secretary of State is trying to push forward, it has resulted in one tangible-ish prodcut: A parody site! The central gag at “John Kerry Solutions Ltd.” is that Kerry is the ultimate huckster who is in… More ▸

  • Shia LaBeouf apologizes for plagiarism… with skywriting

    Shia LaBeouf, the 27-year-old “Transformers” star, has been the center of a plagiarism controversy. LaBeouf’s recently released short film, entitled “,” appears to be a near-exact replica of veteran cartoonist Daniel Clowes’ 2008 comic “Justin M. Damiano.” Clowes was apparently blindsided by the plagiarism, telling Buzzfeed that he had no idea of the film’s existence… More ▸

  • Best celebrity New Year’s tweets

    Going into 2014, some of our favorite Jewish (or Jew-ish) celebrities shared their New Year’s greetings. Lisa Kudrow wished a happy New Year to those in more advanced time zones: Happy New Year other side of the world…you’re so ahead of everyone else, good for you! — Lisa Kudrow (@LisaKudrow) December 31, 2013 Lena Dunham… More ▸

  • DiCaprio defends ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

    Leonardo DiCaprio has responded to critics who say that “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Martin Scorsese’s new flick about Wall Street bankers getting reckless in the ’90s, condones the horrible behavior of its characters. In the film, DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a real-life stockbroker (raised by two Jewish accountants) who partied hard and defrauded clients…. More ▸