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  • Shvigger me timbers? JTA editor’s Yiddish-speaking pirates

    Seasick from the rough waters ahead at the U.N this week? You’re in good company: Today is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day."  In 1927, longtime JTA Editor Aleph Katz gave swashbucklers a Yiddish makeover: [[READMORE]] Long John Silver, the one-legged pirate and seaman of Treasure Island, now speaks Yiddish in a translation of Robert Louis… More ▸

  • When JTA editors got arrested and Brits fought for American Jews

    Today we examine a defunct feature of the JTA Jewish Daily Bulletin, now called the JTA Daily Briefing. The "Digest of Public Opinion on Jewish Matters" was a roundup of foreign newspapers’ mention of Jewish events (akin to the editors’ picks in the present iteration of the Daily Briefing). Eighty-four years ago, the June 2, 1927… More ▸