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  • Shop Talk redux: Jewish fashion then, now and French

      Back in the 1930s, Joan Klein wrote a weekly column about clothing trends called “Shop Talk.” Since what is old is always new again in the world of fashion and I live in Brooklyn where “retro” is the ever-annoying watchword, I think this makes me more than qualified to comment on styles from an… More ▸

  • Jewish baseball heroes, real and fake

    Ross Ufberg at the Forward’s Arty-Semite launched an imaginative series about "The Lions of Zion," a fictional all-Jewish baseball team trying to compete in the National League in 1933. Had the team been real, JTA might have been able to help the hapless Hebrews drum up support the following year. [[READMORE]] JTA Jewish Daily Bulletin… More ▸

  • Bialik made Hebrew revival more than pulling teeth

    Today more than ever, I empathize with Hebrew school students. The hopeless saggy-eyed droop on my face mirrors theirs as the nation’s heatwave kicks me in the chest with unconscionable force, instructing me to stay seated and type until the bell rings. It’s not that Hebrew instruction is painful, like having your teeth pulled. It’s… More ▸