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  • Jews from Bulgaria Flee to Albania; Arrests Reported

    Jews from Bulgaria are fleeing to Italian-occupied Albania in the hope of reaching Italy and remaining there until the country surrender to the Allied forces, it was reported here today. The report is partly substantiated by the Nazi Transcontinent Press which today states that four Jewish families in Bulgaria have been arrested while trying to… More ▸

  • Italy Confines All Jews of Albania in Ghetto at Tirana

    The entire Jewish population in Italian-occupied Albania, numbering about 200 families of Albanian Jews and approximately 100 families of Jewish refugees from the Reich who were permitted to settle in the country in 1939, was ordered into a ghetto in Tirana, it was learned here today. This is the first ghetto established by Italy in… More ▸

  • Over 7,000 Greek Jews Reported Fighting on Albanian Front

    More than 7,000 Jews are fighting on the Albanian front in the Salonika divisions, which have seen some of the heaviest fighting of the war–a fact of which the Greek Jews are very proud. They are also proud of the fact that the first superior officer killed in action was a Jew–Col Mordehai Frizis. Earlier… More ▸

  • All Foreign Jews to Leave Albania by Middle of September

    By the middle of September no foreign Jew will remain in Albania, reliable reports which reached here indicate. Early in June, Italian police authorities in Albania ordered all foreign Jews to leave the country within six days. Only a few, however, were able to obey this order and emigrate to Italy. The rest, about 80… More ▸

  • Albania Orders Refugees to Leave

    The Italian administration of Albania has ordered all Jewish refugees to leave by June 17, Jewish relief organizations here were advised today. The refugees, numbering about 100, are concentrated mostly in Tirana and Durazzo. They had enjoyed complete freedom under King Zog. They now face deportation to the Reich. More ▸

  • Moslem Youth Groups Warns Islam Will Never Forget Albania Seizures

    The Young Moslems Association tonight served warning on Italy that the Mohammedan world will never forget Fascist occupation of Albania, “an infamous “blow against the independence of the last Islamic country in Europe.” The Association declared in a communique: “It is the duty of Moslems to judge each power according to its deeds. The Islamic… More ▸

  • 100 Refugees in Albania in Danger of Being Turned over to Gestapo

    Although not a single outspoken anti-Semite is included among the members of the new Albanian puppet Government set up by Italy, the position of the small Jewish community in Albania is not enviable, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was told today by a prominent representative of the former regime. The Italian anti-Jewish laws will doubtlessly be… More ▸

  • Anti-Italian Feeling over Albanian Conquest Rises Throughout Moslem World

    New evidences of animosity toward Italy for its conquest of predominantly Mohammedan Albania were apparent throughout the Moslem world today. The Syrian Government cancelled an official reception it had planned for the Italian group headed by the Duke of Spoleto. The National Youth Organization of Lebanon announced a mass meeting in protest against the Albanian… More ▸