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  • One of Few Jewish Officials in Algeria Dismissed from His Post

    One of the few remaining Jews still serving in an official post in Algeria, Robert Levy, has been dismissed from his position, it was reported here today from Algiers. The Algerian Ministry for Tourism dismissed Levy without explanation from his post as director of Local Handicraft Industry. An Algerian Moslem has been named to replace… More ▸

  • Moroccan Jews Pledge to Defend Country Against Algerian Aggression

    The “unswerving attachment” of Moroccan Jewry to King Hassan in the current upsurge of border fighting with Algeria was pledged today in a telegram to the King from the Council of Moroccan Jewish Communities. Simultaneously, the Casablanca Jewish Committee sent a message expressing its readiness, “together with our Moslem compatriots” to defend Morocco and to… More ▸

  • Tense Situation in Algeria Prompts Remaining Jews to Leave Country

    The tense political situation which has developed during the past few days in Algeria has prompted most of the 4, 000 Jews still in that country to make plans to leave, it was reported here today. Scores of Jewish families are again arriving in France from Algeria. Most of them have been able to take… More ▸

  • Rosh Hashanah Services Organized for Algerian Refugees in France

    Special Rosh Hashanah services for many thousands of Jewish refugees from North Africa were held throughout France. In a number of instances, High Holy Day services were conducted in a number of French towns where no organized Jewish community has existed for some years, until the recent influx of North African Jewish refugees. In Paris,… More ▸

  • Ort to Enlarge Aid Program for Algerian Jewish Refugees in France

    Vocational training services for 120,000 Algerian Jewish refugees will be greatly enlarged during the coming months, according to an announcement made by Dr. William Haber, president of the American ORT Federation, in a report submitted to the organization’s executive committee meeting today at the Hotel Commodore here. As part of a “crash program of job… More ▸

  • Algerian Jews in Panic, Fear Closed Doors Due to Anti-israel Drive

    The 12,000 Jews still living in Algeria were reported here today to be in a state of panic as a result of the charges by Algeria that Israel was involved in an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the government of Premier Ahmed Ben Bella. The reports indicated that virtually all of the remaining Jews were ready… More ▸

  • Algeria Accuses Israel of ‘plot’ Against Ben Bella’s Regime; 10 Arrested

    The Algerian Government publicly accused Israel yesterday of sponsoring an armed plot to topple the pro-Nasser regime of Premier Ahmen Ben Bella. In announcing the arrest of 10 members of an alleged “counter-revolutionary band, ” the Government said most of those detained were Israelis. Word of the “plot” came from Information Minister Mouloud Belaouane who… More ▸

  • British Central Fund Provides Vacations for Algerian Refugee Children

    Twenty Jewish child refugees from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco were brought to London today from France by the British Central Fund for a month’s holiday. The children were chosen on the basis of particular need for such a holiday, and the situation of their parents. The 10 oldest children left for Scotland to stay in… More ▸

  • U.j. A. Cash Drive Heat Warns on Dire Need of Algerian Refugees in France

    The United Jewish Appeal chairman of the UJA’s national cash campaign Israel D. Fink of Minneapolis, warned today that the UJAs burden of supporting 160,000 Jewish refugees from North Africa in France may become heavier after July 1, if the French Government halts repatriation allowances to refugees of French nationality who have been in France… More ▸

  • J.c.a. to Help Finance Housing of Algerian Jews Now in France

    The Jewish Colonization Association reported today that it had decided to assume a larger share of the responsibility it shared with British, French and American Jewish welfare agencies for housing for the influx of Algerian Jews now residing in France. The decision was one of several taken at a meeting of the Administrative Council of… More ▸