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  • Report: Document Puts Syria on Galilee’s Banks

    A Syrian draft document delineating the borders of the Golan Heights would put Syria on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. Syria is waiting for Israel’s response through Turkish mediators to a document defining the boundaries of the Golan Heights for the purpose of peace talks, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the… More ▸

  • Kiev Marks Sholom Aleichem’s 150th Birthday

    A Kiev museum kicked off national observances of the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Yiddish writer Sholom Aleichem. An exhibition on the Jewish writer, who was born in Ukraine and spent much of his life there, opened last week at the Kiev Museum of Books. His birthday will be celebrated on the state level… More ▸

  • U.S. Calls Israeli Woman, 55, for Duty — in Afghanistan

    Orli Avior is 55 with a grown daughter and sells homemade jewelry to keep herself busy — not the usual Israeli candidate for a sudden stint in the U.S. military reserves. But her U.S. passport lists her as Gigi Banjak, and when papers came to her Netanya home calling up Command Sgt. Maj. Banjak to… More ▸

  • Bush Visits Iraq Unannounced

    President Bush made a final visit to Iraq. Bush arrived in Baghdad for an unannounced visit Sunday, his fourth visit to the country since the United States invaded in 2003. The trip comes on the heels of a new security agreement between Iraq and the United States. Unlike previous visits, Bush arrived in broad daylight… More ▸

  • Israeli Ambassador Blasts London Church

    Israel’s ambassador to London added a diplomatic dimension to a row over anti-Israel carol singers at a central London church. Two weeks ago, a group called “Jews for boycotting Israeli goods” performed at St. James’s Church in Piccadilly with its own version of Christmas carols, in which it changed the words of the familiar carols… More ▸

  • Livni: Israeli Arabs Can Move to Palestine

    Israeli Arabs’ “national solution” is in a Palestinian state, Tzipi Livni said. “When the Palestinian state is created, I will be able to go to Palestinian citizens — who we call Israeli Arabs — and say to them: You are residents with equal rights, but your national solution is in another place,” Israel’s foreign minister… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Israeli Success Stories Struggle to Find Jobs

    Asaf Negat, 29, made his way to Israel from Ethiopia as an 11-year-old boy, and worked hard to find his way in a new land and speaking a new language. Eventually Negat graduated with a business degree from one of the country’s top universities. But since completing his studies in the summer of 2006, he… More ▸

  • Ort Schools in FSU Suffer Cutbacks

    Students in uniform dart in and out of the nondescript door of School No. 550, sandwiched between one of this river city’s iconic canals and the edge of its seediest market. The school seems to be perched on the edge of regal affluence, but it already has pitched headlong into the din of financial turmoil…. More ▸

  • Ukraine’s Multiethnic Heritage in Focus

    A Ukrainian minister introduced a new almanac on multiethnic Ukraine, which includes a chapter devoted to Jews. Ukraine marked the anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration on Wednesday with the presentation of several books and discussions. A new almanac, Multiethnic Ukraine, was presented by the Ukrainian State Committee on nationalities and religion at the… More ▸

  • Israeli Leaders Meet to Discuss Attacks

    Israel’s prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister met to discuss the cease-fire with Hamas and an Israeli response to rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. Wednesday’s meeting with Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak, as well as security establishment heads, was called by Livni, who on Tuesday told a Tel Aviv University conference… More ▸