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  • Wise Sees for on Aiding Jews in Europe; Says Body Proposed at Bermuda Will Meet Soon

    Following a White House visit today, during which he discussed measures to prevent the extermination of the remaining Jews in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe with President Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise revealed that the revitalized intergovernmental committee on refugees proposed by the recent Bermuda Conference will shortly meet either here or in London. Dr. Wise… More ▸

  • House of Lords Will Discuss Results of Bermuda Conference; Poland Wants Information

    The recommendations of the Bermuda Conference and the extent to which these recommendations can contribute to solving the refugee problem will be discussed at the next session of the House of Lords, it was announced today by Lord Davies. The Polish Government-in-Exile has addressed an inquiry to the British Foreign Office asking for information concerning… More ▸

  • British Public Continues to Criticize Results of Bermuda Conference

    The British public continues to express dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Bermuda Conference despite the statements in Parliament last week by Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and Under-Secretary for Home Affairs Osbert Peake. In an effort to make the public “appreciate the immense difficulties of the problem” of saving the Jews in Nazi Europe, Lord… More ▸

  • Congressman Sol Bloom Declares Bermuda Refugee Conference Was a Success

    Declaring that in his opinion the chief purpose of the Bermuda Conference on Refugees was to activize the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees, and this has been done, Congressman Sol Bloom of New York City, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and one of the three American delegates to the Bermuda parley, today told 800… More ▸

  • Conflicting Reaction in British Press to Parliamentary Debate on Bermuda Conference

    The British press today split sharply in its reaction to the debate in Commons on the recommendations of the Bermuda conference on refugees, with several papers severely critical of the government while others scored those who have questioned the government’s sincerity in its treatment of the refugee problem. The London News-Chronicle states that “one cannot… More ▸

  • Results of Bermuda Conference Will Soon Be Apparent, State Department Says

    The State Department last night issued a statement on the recommendations of the Anglo-American Conference on refugees in Bermuda, emphasizing that “the results of the recommendations submitted by the Conference will soon become apparent.” “While the details must be regarded as confidential so long as a knowledge of the recommendations contained therein would be of… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency Calls Upon British People “to Redeem Failure of Bermuda”

    The Jewish Agency for Palestine today made public the text of a statement sent to leading members of the House of Commons challenging the theory that “the Jewish refugee problem can be solved only by the end of the war” and expressing the hope that “the representative assembly of the British people will redeem the… More ▸

  • Bermuda Recommendations Leave Little Hope for Refugees, Eden Tells Commons

    British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden today announced in the House of Commons that the recommendations of the Bermuda Conference on refugees have been approved by the British War Cabinet and added that he does not believe that “more can be done than to rescue a few people here and there until final victory is achieved.”… More ▸

  • Dickstein Denounces Bermuda Conference; Appeals to Churchill to Open Palestine

    Chairman Samuel Dickstein of the House Immigration Committee, today denounced the Anglo-American refugee conference in Bermuda for “sterility” and called “inconceivable” the British plan to limit immigration into Palestine by enforcement of the White Paper. The New York Democrat, in a brief speech on the floor of the House, appealed to Congress and the people… More ▸

  • British Pariiament Will Discuss Results of Bermuda Conference

    The results of the Bermuda Conference on refugee problems will be discussed in the House of Commons within the next few days, it was learned here today. A press conference, arranged by the National Committee for Rescue from Nazi Terror, will be held no May 12. It will be addressed by parliamentarians who are members… More ▸