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  • Bermuda Parley Closing Today; More Neutrals to Join Intergovernmental Committee

    The Anglo-American conference on refugee problems, which opened here on April 19, is expected to close tomorrow. A joint statement on the results of the conference will be issued to the press tomorrow at noon, while the final report of the parley will be forwarded to the United States and British Governments. An enlarged Intergovernmental… More ▸

  • Press in England Disappointed with the Bermuda Conference

    With the expected closing of the Bermuda conference tomorrow, the British press today indicates disappointment at the results reported so far. Most of the London newspapers point out that the British people would welcome a more generous approach to the refugee problem than that shown by the Anglo-American delegations at Bermuda. The News-Chronicle says that… More ▸

  • Sumner Welles Says Bermuda Conference is Not Secret; Rejects Labor Protest

    Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles today denied that the Anglo-American conference on refugee problems which is now being held in Bermuda is taking place “behind closed doors.” He announced that the State Department is ready to transmit views, recommendations and suggestions to the America delegation at Bermuda “with the full assurance that such a communication… More ▸

  • Bermuda Conference Considers Fate of People Who Will Be Uprooted by Allied Invasion

    The conference on refugees here is not losing sight of the possibility of large masse of people being uprooted when the Allied armies invade Nazi-occupied Europe, it was learned today. It is understood that the recommendations which the conference will make to the United States and British Governments will deal with this problem. It was… More ▸

  • Bermuda Conference Will Close This Week; Decisions Will Be Kept Secret

    The Anglo-American parley on refugees, which went into its second week today, is now drafting a joint report to be submitted to the U.S. and British Governments. The conference is expected to close on Wednesday or Thursday. The American delegation at a meeting today with Mr. George Backer and the other American advisers, reviewed the… More ▸

  • Hillman Urges Bermuda Conference to Speed Aid for Jews; Willkie Lauds Palestine Work

    Sidney Hillman, president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, speaking last night at a “third seder” at the Astor, sponsored by the National Labor Committee for Palestine as a tribute to the Histadruth, urged immediate action on the part of the British-American Refugee Conference in Bermuda for the rescue of European Jews from extermination… More ▸

  • Bermuda Parley Rejects Three Major Jewish Demands

    The suggestion that Jews in Nazi-held territories be exchanged for German war prisoners has been definitely rejected by the participants at the Bermuda Conference, it was indicated here today. The delegates also rejected the suggestion advanced in petitions of Jewish organizations that they recommend the sending of food and medicaments to the ghettos in Nazi-occupied… More ▸

  • Congressman Celler Criticizes Bermuda Conference; Wants Action

    Sharp criticism of the Bermuda Conference was voiced here today in a statement issued by Congressman Emanuel Celler of New York, in which he charged the Anglo-American parley on refugees with assuming “the usual pattern of diplomatic lack of candor and a plentitude of verbiage.” “Agencies long familiar with the distress of the persecuted abroad… More ▸

  • Bermuda Conference Considers Plan to Establish Refugee “clearing House”

    A plan to establish a refugee “clearing house” somewhere outside of Europe, to which refugees from Nazi persecution may be transported from neutral countries on the Continent now harboring them and from which they may be gradually transplanted to permanent havens, is under consideration by the Anglo-American conference here, it was learned today. Authors of… More ▸