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  • Berdichev Completely Destroyed, Nazi Radio Reports

    The Jewish-populated city of Berdichev, once known as the “Jerusalem of Volhynia,” is now completely destroyed, a Nazi radio broadcast today reported from Berlin. The city had been occupied by the German army after the Russians were forced to retreat from the Zhitomir region. The correspondent of the Swedish pro-Nazi newspaper Aftonbladet, who just returned… More ▸

  • Kaunas Jews Given Four Days to Move into Ghetto

    The first eye-witness story of Jewish destruction by the Nazis in Kaunas, Bialystok and Grodno is published today in the Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, written by its correspondent who just returned from a trip to these cities. All Jews in Kaunas, the correspondent reports, were given four days to move into the ghetto there. A… More ▸

  • A.s. Hirshberg, Zionist Veteran, Dies in Poland

    Abraham Samuel Hershberg, early Zionist leader and writer in Yiddish in Hebrew, has died in Bialystok, Soviet-occupied Poland, at the age of 81, it was reported here today. He visited Palestine in his youth, wrote prolifically on many subjects and during the World War headed the Bialystok Jewish Community Council, which represented the Jews in… More ▸

  • 200,000 Jews Roam Galicia Begging Bread from Peasants

    Approximately 200,000 Jews, including women and children, are wandering from village to village in Soviet-occupied Galicia, begging the Ukrainian peasants for bread, which they are unable to buy, according to reports reaching Paris today. The food shortage is felt particularly among the Jews in Tarnopol. The misery is increased by the fact that able-bodied younger… More ▸

  • Nazis Reported Mutilating Jews Fleeing to Soviet Area

    Jews seeking to escape from Nazi Poland to Soviet territory frequently had to submit to such mutilation as removal of an eye, it was charged here today by Dr. M. Kleinbaum, former vice-president of the Polish Zionist Organization. (A possible motive for the mutilation was believed to be the Nazi desire to prevent emigrating Jews… More ▸

  • 500 Bialystok Firms Nationalized, Soviet Reports

    The Soviet radio broadcast an announcement today that more than 500 industrial enterprises in Bialystok, in Soviet-occupied Poland, have been nationalized and turned over to Government trusts. Most of these enterprises are believed to have been Jewish. The firms operate under commissars sent from Moscow but are manned by local engineers and technicians, the broadcast… More ▸

  • Refugees from Poland Transferred to Soviet Interior for Building Work

    Ten thousand refugees in Bialystok, Soviet Poland will shortly be transferred to the interior of the U.S.S.R., where they will be employed in the building industry, the Polish-language daily Wyzwolony Bialystok reports. The first transport left at the end of December and 300 refugee women with their children will be sent to join their husbands,… More ▸

  • Schorr Reported Sentenced to 9-year Jail Term by Reds in Lwow

    Religious circles here reported today that Senator Moses Schorr, former Chief Rabbi of Warsaw, has been sentenced by the Soviet authorities in Lwow to nine years’ imprisonment. (Earlier dispatches from Wilno and Paris said that Rabbi Schorr had been released from arrest by the Soviet authorities.) The same circles reported receipt of a telegram from… More ▸