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  • President of National Council of Jewish Women Scores Nixon for Cambodian Involvement

    President Nixon’s unilateral decision to send American troops into Cambodia, acting neither on the request nor with the consent of the Cambodian government, was deplored by the National Council of Jewish Women. Mrs. Leonard H. Weiner of Detroit, president of the NCJW. stated that the President’s decision, arrived at without the benefit of Congressional participation,… More ▸

  • Israel to Cement Diplomatic Relations with Cambodia; Bans Vietnam

    A Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that Israel plans to establish soon a permanent diplomatic mission in Cambodia, which is now served by a non-resident Israeli envoy. Reaffirming the Government’s policy of not establishing diplomatic relations with South Vietnam at the present time, the spokesman said that Israel has diplomatic relations and resident envoys in… More ▸

  • Cambodia, Israel to Open Legations in Each Other’s Capitals

    Cambodia and Israel will soon open legations in each other’s capitals, the Foreign Ministry here announced today. Israel has been steadily making progress in the last three years in tightening its diplomatic relationships with members of the Afro-Asian bloc. More ▸

  • Cambodia Ready to Set Up Diplomatic Relations with Israel

    A delegation from Cambodia, completing a two-week tour of Israel today, informed the Israel Foreign Ministry of Cambodian’s willingness to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. The Cambodians were primarily studying. Israel’s agricultural developments. More ▸

  • Israel Grants Diplomatic Recognition to Laos and Cambodia

    The Israel Embassy made known today that Israel has granted diplomatic recognition to Laos and Cambodia. It is understood that the Israel Government will not recognize either North or South Viet Nam because it considers the situation “still fluid.” More ▸