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Central Relief Committee

  • Nathan Straus Gives $25,000 for Third Time to Aid Palestine Victims

    For the third time, Nathan Straus gave $25,000 to the Palestine Emergency Fund. He had already given $50,000. In addition he presented to David A. Brown, chairman, $12,500 each from his two sons, Senator Nathan Straus, Jr., and Hugh Grant Straus. “My sons are away, but they have asked me to do this for them,”… More ▸

  • Hadassah Appeals for Clothing for Thousands of Palestine Victims

    An appeal from Palestine for clothing, linens and blankets for the destitute victims of the attacks was received by Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. The cable states that thousands of families are marked, disease is rife, and large quantities of supplies are needed immediately. Mrs. A. H. Fromenson, chairman of the Hadassah Palestine… More ▸

  • 246,000 Pupils Attend 2,031 Religious Schools Subventioned by J.d.c

    Two hundred and forty-five thousand, eight hundred and thirty-five pupils attend 2,031 religious schools in eight Europeas countries and Palestine which are subventioned by the Cultural Committee, according to a report by Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, secretary of the Cultural Relief Committee, of which Dr. Cyrus Adler is chairman. “When, in the after-the-War period, the Joint… More ▸

  • American Jewry Decides to Continue Joint Distribution Committee Relief Work Abroad

    American Jews will continue the reconstruction and relief work in Europe carried on through the Joint Distribution Committee during the past fourteen years and a new campaign for not less than $2,500,000 will be launched for the coming year to make the continuation of the work possible. Resolutions to this effect were unanimously adopted by… More ▸

  • Marshall Outlines Future Plans for Jewish Relief Work in Europe

    Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Committee, who was given a rousing ovation by the delegates and frequently interrupted by applause, led the conference in its major action when he presented in his address the resolutions for the new campaign and the reorganization of the Joint Distribution Committee. In the course of his remarks,… More ▸

  • Depart for Tours of Palestine and Europe

    Rabbi Meyer Berlin, president of the Mizrachi, Orthodox Zionist Organization, and Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum of the Central Relief Committee, sailed on the steamer Mauretania for Europe on route to Palestine. On the same steamer David Druck, member of the editorial staff of the “Jewish Morning Journal,” sailed for Europe. Miss Fannie Rachel Moses of Brooklyn,… More ▸

  • Distribute 4,000,000 Lei for Bessarabia Victims

    Four million lei to aid the famine-stricken Jewish population in Bessarabia were distributed to the local committees at a meeting of the Central Relief Committee here. Due to the generous public response, the Relief Committee was enabled to double the April allotment. Further sums for matzoth and Passover food were also made possible. More ▸

  • Yeshivas in Eastern Europe Face Liquidation Rabbis Declare

    Seventy-four Yeshivas, Talmudic academies, with an enrollment of 9,185 students, in Congress Poland, Wohlynia and Polish Lithuania are threatened with liquidation, American support having been discontinued since January 1. An appeal to rescue these institutions was made by the Warsaw Rabbinate in conjunction with Rabbis in other parts of the country, in a statement made… More ▸

  • London Relief Federation Launches Special Appeal for Bessarabia Sufferers

    A special appeal for the relief of the victims of the famine in Bessarabia is being launched by the Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations here. A special sub-committee has been appointed to make the necessary arrangements for the campaign. Pending the issue of the appeal, a grant of £600 is being made out of the… More ▸

  • Committee to Seek Support for Polish Yeshivas

    Rabbi Meyer Winkler has been re-elected for a third term as spiritual leader of Sinai Congregation, Los Angeles, Cal. A national committee which set itself the aim of securing financial support for the Yeshivas, institutions for training rabbis. was formed here by a group of Orthodox Jews. The committee has included in its list 18… More ▸