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  • British War Ship Brings Last Transport of “legal” Jewish Immigrants to Palestine

    A transport of 789 Jewish immigrants, the last group that will be admitted under the White Paper, arrived in Palestine today aboard a British war ship from Italy. The immigrants were transferred to the Athlit camp for final examination of their papers. The immigration certificates for the arrivals were distributed by the Palestine Government, since… More ▸

  • New Jewish Colonies Established in Palestine over Week-end Despite Tension

    While anti-Zionist riots continued in Egypt, the Jews of Palestine announced their determination to continue the upbuilding of the country by founding four new settlements today on Jewish National Fund land. Eleven more colonies will be established within the next few weeks. One of the four settlements, named Udeissa, is situated on the Palestine-Lebarase frontier… More ▸

  • 500 Jewish Children from Germany to Be Admitted to France; 25 Arrive in England by Plane

    The French Government today granted permission for the entry into France of 500 Jewish children and fifty Jewish orthodox teachers who are at present in camps for displaced persons in Germany. Mathieu Muller, president of the Agudas Israel Organization in France, and Isaac Lowin, special representative of the Vaad Haatzalah, Jewish orthodox relief group in… More ▸

  • 1,000 Jews Sall from Rumania for Palestine; 180 Orphans from Transeistria Aboard

    The Rumanian steamship Transylvania Sailed from here last night for Haifa, carrying 1,000 Jews bound for Palestine. Among them were 180 children whose parents died in Transnistria, 54 adults who were repatriated from Transnistria, 338 refugees from Poland of whom 300 had been confined at Oswiecim and 77 Rumanian chalutzim. The head of the Palestine… More ▸

  • Utch Radio Predicts Holland Will Have No Jews Within Fifty Years

    Within fifty years there will not be a single New in Holland, the Hilversum radio said today, basing its prediction on the fact that of the approximately 25,000 Jewish survivors, most are old or children of mixed marriages who cannot be considered Jews. The battle of polemics between the supporters of the Jewish Council, which… More ▸

  • Jews from Fifty Camps in Germany Discuss Their Problems at Conference in Bergen-belsen

    The most remarkable Jewish conference ever assembled opened here last night when 300 delegates representing about 50,000 displaced Jews held in fifty camps in the Anerican and British zones in Germany gathered to discuss their problems. The conference, which will last two days, was summoned by the Central Jewish Committee, which represents the Jews now… More ▸

  • Belgium Halts Auction of Property of Deported Jews in Hope They Will Return

    Acting on the request of Jewish leaders, the Government office in charge of the property of Belgian Jews deported during the German occupation to extermination camps today cancelled an order providing for the auction of (##)vable Jewish property, the owners of which have not yet returned to their homes and whose fate is still unknown…. More ▸