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  • New Palestine Arrivals Are Cross-section of Surviving Jews of Europe

    The 1,166 Jewish refugees from all over Europe who disembarked here yesterday from the British steamer Matarda are a cross-section of the surviving Jews of Europe. Among them are former inmates of concentration camps, a partisan who accounted for several Nazis and some youngsters who spent the war years training for agricultural work in Palestine…. More ▸

  • Sweden Will Admit Children from Belsen Camp; Italian Children Restored to Jewish Groups

    The Swedish Government has agreed to accept all orphans and sick children in the Belsen concentration camp, it was announced today by Dr. Joseph C. Hyman, executive vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee. Children whose parents are ill will also be accepted. According to the latest information available, there are 14,000 Jews still in Belsen,… More ▸

  • 1,200 Jewish Children Return to Amsterdam; 1,000 Dutch Jews Flown Home from Theresienstadt

    The return of 1,200 Jewish children to Amsterdam after years of underground existence has been announced by the "Netherlands News," issued by the Netherlands Information Bureau. Credit for saving the lives of the children, it reports, goes to a Dutch student organization organized in 1942. The organization placed children, including two-month old infants, in foster… More ▸

  • 1,300 Liberated Jewish Children Due in England from Theresienstadt

    The Central British Fund, a Jewish relief organization, today announced that 1,300 Jewish orphans from Theresienstadt will arrive in England soon. The children will remain here “until new homes are found for them,” the announcement said. They will be placed in the custody of Jewish organizations and will be maintained by the Fund. More ▸

  • British Approve Assignment of Three Jewish Aid Units to Work with Unrra in Germany

    The British Government, according to reliable sources, has approved the assignment of three welfare units recruited by the relief agency of the Jewish National Council and the Jewish Agency to work with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration among displaced persons in Germany. The final decision on assignment of the units, it is understood,… More ▸

  • Commission to Combat Baptism of Jewish Orphans in Europe Established in London

    A commission which will guard the legal rights of Jewish orphans in Europe was set up here last night at a meeting of major organizations called by Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz, following reports of mass-conversion of homeless Jewish children to Christianity. The group will be healed by Dr. Hertz and will contain representatives of the… More ▸