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Chuck Lorre

  • Chuck Lorre card calls ‘Bachelor’ ‘idiotic,’ unleashes Twitter war

    Television producer Chuck Lorre, the man who is behind successful shows like “Two and a Half Man,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “Dharma and Greg,” and also the target of Charlie Sheen’s alleged anti-Semitic rant, is now in the center of a political-turned-entertainment controversy. The reason – his famous “Vanity Cards,” (that’s showbiz speak for the screenshots at the… More ▸

  • Charlie Sheen, John Galliano and the Jews

    Do the recent brouhahas involving actor Charlie Sheen, Christian Dior designer John Galliano, Fox News host Glenn Beck and others show that anti-Semitism is thriving, or just that stupidity is alive and well? JTA Managing Editor Uriel Heilman offers his analysis. More ▸