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concentration camps

  • 200 Delegates to Mass. UJA Conference Pledge Support to $100,000,000 Drive

    The Jews of Europe hold first priority for swift restoration to their rightful place as first class citizens of a free world and must be accorded this recognition by the United Nations before homelessness, starvation and anti-Semitism further decimate their ranks, Lt. Col. Judah Nadich, former adviser on Jewish affairs to General Eisenhower, declared here… More ▸

  • American Jewish Conference Will Discuss Plans for Submission to United Nations

    Proposals on Jewish problems in Europe and Palestine to be submitted to the United Nations Organization, will be considered at the forthcoming session of the American Jewish Conference which will open in Cleveland on Feb. 17, it was announced here today by the Conference headquarters. An outstanding figure of the new Jewish leadership in Europe,… More ▸

  • State Dept, Says Czech Government Ready to Give Information on Theresienstadt Victims

    Information regarding issuance of death certificates for persons who died in German concentration camps in Czechoslovakia, such as Terezin, is obtainable from the repatriation office of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Social Welfare in Prague, the State Department announced today. Applications for the death certificates should give the name of the deceased date and place of… More ▸

  • Ort Trains 80 Instructors in Switzerland for Work Among Jews in Liberated Countries

    The headquarters of the ORT organization in Switzerland has trained 80 instructors for various ORT institutions abroad, the organization has announced here. In addition other instructors in watchmaking, electrical mechanics dental mechanics, machine repair, and knitting have been hired in camps in Germany. The Swiss ORT has established a school for orthodox Jewish toolmakers and… More ▸

  • Eight of Nuremberg Defendants Charged with Direct Responsibility for Murder of Jews

    Eight of the 20 top Nazis being tried before the international military tribunal were charged today with direct complicity in the anti-Jewish atrocities carried out by the Germans. The accusation was levelled against Hans Frank, Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher, Baldur von Schirach, Fritz Saukel, Wilhelm Frick, Col. Gen. Alfred Jodl and Rudolf Hess by French… More ▸

  • U.S. Military Authorities Commute Death Sentences of Three Dachau Defendants

    Three of the death sentences imposed on officials of the Dachau concentration camp at a recent United States military trial have been commuted to imprisonment, and another prison sentence has been reduced from ten to five years, Lieut. Gen. Lucian Truscott, commander of the United States Third Army, has announced. More ▸

  • Details of Sexual Crimes Against Jews in Mauthausen Bared at Nuremberg Trials

    Details of sexual crimes committed upon young Jewish men and women by the Nazi authorities at various concentration camps were disclosed today by former French prisoners who testified at the international war crime trial. One witness, Maurice Lambe, said that several young Dutch Jewish man were selected by the chief physician of the Mauthausen camp… More ▸

  • Nuremberg Court Hears Nazi General Relate How He Executed 90,000 Jews in Russia

    Major General Otto Ohlendorf, former aide of Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler, today testified before the International Military Tribunal here that 90,000 Jews were “liquidated” in Russia by his unit alone in the first year of the war. Some of the Jews, he stated, were shot in anti-tank ditches and gullies, while others were killed in… More ▸

  • “butcher of Majdanek” Executed in Poland, Warsaw Radio Announces

    The Warsaw radio today announced that Paul Hoffman, called the “Butcher of Majdanek,” has been executed. He was charged with responsibility for the mass-killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles in the notorious extermination camp which the Nazis established at Majdanek during their occupation of Poland. More ▸

  • Eight Hundred Immigrants Were Brought into Palestine in December

    Eight-hundred “visaless” Jewish immigrants entered Palestine this month in three boatloads, the JTA was told today by a reliable source. Two of the landings were publicized, while one came off silently. It is estimated that these passengers cost $250,000, which does not take into account the costs of maintaining constant vigilance by both sides: the… More ▸