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  • Croatia’s Census Reflects Realities Confronted by Some of Nation’s Jews

    Croatia’s recently issued census for 2001 appeared to indicate that some of the nation’s Jews are unwilling to admit their background. The census indicated that 576 people described themselves as Jews “by ethnicity,” but only 475 described their religion as Judaism. Given that there are 2,000 registered members of Croatia’s nine organized Jewish communities, the… More ▸

  • Croatian Jews Upset After Paper Demands That They Criticize Israel

    A Croatian newspaper is calling on the country’s Jews to criticize Israel’s recent military actions against the Palestinians. The Jewish community’s newspaper compared the call to a similar Communist-era campaign. The recent editorial in the leftist Feral Tribune paper blamed Croatian Jewish intellectuals for turning a deaf ear to “the terrible events in the Middle… More ▸

  • 10 People Honored in Croatia As Part of Holocaust Schools’ Project

    A man who hid a Jewish woman in Croatia during World War II was among 10 people honored this week as Righteous Gentiles. When World War II began, Jaksha Kalogjera rescued his friend Lili Moravetz, a Viennese Jew who had moved to Zagreb at the beginning of the war. Kalogjera brought Moravetz to Split, and… More ▸

  • After Decade Abroad, World War Ii Archive Returns Home to Croatia

    After 10 years away from home, documents from Croatia’s most notorious World War II concentration camp have returned home. The archives were returned to the Jasenovac museum in a news conference Wednesday. Some 17,000 Jews were tortured and killed in the camp, known as the Auschwitz of the Balkans,” as well as tens of thousands… More ▸

  • In Front of Israeli Lawmakers, Croatian Leader Asks Forgiveness

    As part of a historic visit to Israel, Croatia’s president apologized for his country’s crimes during the Holocaust Stipe Mesic asked the members of the Israeli Knesset on Wednesday for forgiveness for the crimes carried out by the pro-Nazi government in Croatia during World War II. “I profoundly and sincerely deplore the crimes committed against… More ▸

  • In Israel, Croatian President Plans to Apologize to the Jews

    Croatia’s president was expected to address Israel’s Knesset and apologize for his nation’s Holocaust-era crimes against the Jews during his visit to Israel this week. Stipe Mesic arrived in Israel on Sunday on a three-day visit. The first visit by a president of independent Croatia was expected to focus on the wartime crimes of the… More ▸

  • Jewish Community in Croatian Town May Be Small, but Proud of Its History

    Little over a century ago, the Jewish community of Osijek was the largest in Croatia, bigger even than Zagreb’s. Now it can barely muster a minyan of 10 young people involved in the community. Still, that didn’t stop Osijek’s Jews from participating the annual European Day of Jewish Culture last weekend, for the second time… More ▸

  • Jewish Leader: New Croatian Law on Restitution Unlikely to Bear Fruit

    Croatia is considering legislation that would return property to Jews who used to live in the Balkan nation. But a leading Croatian Jewish official doubts that properties actually will be returned before their owners — many of them Holocaust survivors or their heirs — die. Even so, the very possibility that the property may be… More ▸

  • Critics Attack Croatian Official Who Urged Holocaust Education

    A Croatian education official has come under fire for suggesting that Holocaust education needs to be improved in the nation’s schools. The campaign against Natasha Jovicich, an assistant to the education minister, began after she returned from an international conference on Holocaust education in Sweden in late January. Jovicich, 38, showed the conference a videotape… More ▸