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  • Czech Prime Minister Denies He Compared Arafat and Hitler

    Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman has denied comparing Yasser Arafat to Hitler during an interview with an Israeli newspaper. Zeman, who sparked worldwide controversy after his published comments appeared this week in Ha’aretz, said on Tuesday that his comments had been misinterpreted. Zeman said in a statement that he had never made an Arafat-Hitler comparison…. More ▸

  • Czech Officials Say Some Kids Have New Heroes — the Nazis

    They look like average neighborhood kids, but their message is not so benign: Nazis rule. Already struggling to cope with a growing problem of adult neo-Nazi activities, the Czech Republic is facing a new generation of young people who are turning to Nazi ideology, according to one of the county’s leading experts in the field…. More ▸

  • Czech Firm Blasted for Turning Holocaust Claims into a Business

    Czech Jewish leaders are warning the public not to deal with a company that offers to help people obtain compensation for unpaid Holocaust-era insurance policies. Tomas Jelinek, the Czech representative of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, known as ICHEIC, is criticizing the Company For the Aid of Victims of Nazi Injustice Association… More ▸

  • Exhibit of Czech Jewish Artifacts Goes on Display in Prague Synagogue

    A priceless collection of silver Jewish artifacts has gone on permanent display in the Spanish Synagogue here. The 200-piece exhibition, entitled “Synagogue Silver from Bohemia and Moravia” includes burial society objects including beakers, combs and implements for ritually cleansing the deceased, spice boxes, Chanukah menorahs and Torah ornaments. Some of the artifacts are more than… More ▸

  • Deadline is Fast Approaching on Nazi-era Fund in Czech Republic

    Organizers of a Nazi property fund in the Czech Republic have renewed their appeal for claimants to come forward as the application deadline approaches. The Prague-based Endowment Fund for Victims of the Holocaust said this week that it had received about 190 claims since July, mainly from the United States, Israel and Great Britain. The… More ▸

  • For Czech Jews, Lodz Trip Dredges Up Old Nightmares

    A group of Czech Holocaust survivors has traveled to Poland to mark the 60th anniversary of the first Czech transports to Lodz. The focus of the trip was a ceremony held in the Jewish Cemetery in Lodz, where a memorial plaque dedicated to Czechs sent to the former ghetto was unveiled by the Czech ambassador… More ▸

  • Czech Advertising Campaign Aims to Chastise Neo-nazis, Rouse Public

    Czech Jewish leaders are backing a public service campaign that aims to ridicule neo-Nazis and convince the public not to be indifferent to skinheads’ activities. The campaign, which is being supported by a range of state and nongovernmental agencies, shows skinheads giving Nazi salutes and includes the slogan, “Be Kind to Your Local Nazi.” The… More ▸

  • Czech Museum Features Exhibit of Looted Art That Needs a Home

    Prague’s Jewish Museum has opened an art exhibition in the hope that its contents will be reunited with the original owners or their heirs. “Restituted Works of Art — The Collection of Dr. Emil Freund” features 30 of the 61 works returned to the museum last year under the terms of a Czech restitution law… More ▸

  • Czech Government to Discuss Returning Stolen Jewish Real Estate

    Jewish communities in the Czech Republic soon could see the return of up to 100 pieces of real estate stolen from them by the Nazis or confiscated by the former Communist regime. On Wednesday, the Czech government started to discuss the transfer of the first pieces of state-owned property to the Czech Federation of Jewish… More ▸