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  • Events in Czech Republic, Poland to Mark Wwii Jewish Deportations

    A series of commemorative events will be held in October marking the 60th anniversary of the start of the deportation of Czech Jews to concentration camps and ghettos during World War II. The occasion is being organized by the Terezin Initiative, an international association composed of former prisoners of the Czech ghetto also known by… More ▸

  • Homegrown Rabbi Tests the Waters by Serving Jews in Czech Spa Town

    A chance meeting 13 years ago changed the course of Rabbi Samuel Abramson’s life. Now he’s hoping to bring change and a new sense of spirituality to a Czech town’s entire Jewish community. Abramson has just joined the picturesque spa town of Karlovy Vary as its first rabbi in 60 years. If it weren’t for… More ▸

  • New Czech Fund Allows Payments to Claimants from Around the Globe

    A new property restitution fund in the Czech Republic is offering fresh hope to thousands of Jews around the world who have been unable to claim compensation for the loss of property seized by the Nazis. The Prague-based Endowment Fund for Victims of the Holocaust is now accepting applications from those seeking restitution from the… More ▸

  • Czech Village Marks Nazi Atrocity, but Nearby Tragedy Still a Mystery

    When the Nazis destroyed the Czech village of Lidice in June 1942, the atrocity made headlines around the world. The Nazis shot more than 170 men, and they dispatched dozens of women and children to concentration camps in reprisal for the assassination of Hitler’s chief SS official in Prague, Reinhard Heydrich. But few people are… More ▸

  • Writing and Art Contest Helps Czech Children Learn About Shoah

    At first glance, the painting presents the simplest of scenes: A small bird sits on the branch of an almost leafless tree, preparing to launch into a light blue sky. But closer examination reveals a scene of much deeper significance: A Star of David, a thin strand of barbed wire and Hebrew letters scattered around… More ▸

  • Czech Right-wingers Sue Havel over “hitler” Hockey Shirt Present

    A right-wing extremist group is taking Czech President Vaclav Havel to court for accepting an ice hockey shirt bearing the number 18 — which in neo-Nazi code represents the initials of Adolf Hitler. The Prague Jewish Community views the lawsuit as part of a counter attack against its recent announcement that more action should be… More ▸

  • Liberal Jewish Groups May Join Central Federation of Czech Jewry

    The umbrella group representing the Czech Republic’s Jewish community is poised to allow non-Orthodox branches of Judaism to participate in the community’s official functions. Bowing to growing calls from its membership to open its doors to alternatives to Orthodoxy, the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities said this week it is considering including the Reform movement’s… More ▸

  • Czech Film Shows Complexity of Jew-gentile Relations in Wwii

    A person who is faced with fear sometimes does interesting things. Decent people can lose their qualities, and, at the same time, people who were considered weaklings can act like heroes. Jan Hrebejk, director of “Divided We Fall.” Millions of civilians faced the ultimate test of character when Nazi armies occupied their countries and started… More ▸

  • Czech Jews Raise Awareness of Growing Neo-nazi Activities

    Czech Jewish leaders are reaching out to the general public by launching an unprecedented campaign for a public hearing into the growth of neo-Nazism in the country. Representatives of the Prague Jewish Community and the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities released a statement Sunday expressing concern about recent neo-Nazi activities including rock concerts attended by… More ▸