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  • Canada’s Prime Minister Seen As Key to Growing Support for Israel

    For many Canadian Jews, the country’s prime minister has been more than just a breath of fresh air when it comes to support for Israel. They wonder whether Stephen Harper may be too good to be true. Elected with a minority Conservative government in January 2006, Harper has left an unmistakable record of solidly and… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Sydney Pollack, the acclaimed director of “Tootsie” and “Out of Africa,” has died. Pollack, who won an Academy Award for “Out of Africa,” died of cancer Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 73. Along with directing numerous hit films and some of the industry’s top stars, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants also… More ▸

  • More Wary Than Concerned, Golan Residents Prep for Fight

    In a cherry orchard on the eastern edge of the Golan Heights, Ronen Gilboa waves in the direction of the Syrian border about a mile away. Like many Golan residents who face the prospect of renewed Syrian rule over the territory in a future Israel-Syria peace deal, Gilboa, 45, shrugs at the news of relaunched… More ▸

  • San Francisco’s New Museum Owns No Art, Focuses on Ideas

    The Contemporary Jewish Museum, set to open June 8 in its new San Francisco location, is a mind-blowingly grand celebration of what Jewish sensibilities can contribute to the American cultural experience. It’s also the latest example of the Jewish museum as event rather than institution. Several things set this ambitious new creation apart. First is… More ▸

  • From Start to Finish: the Making of a Limmud

    May 15: Dear Limmud Diary: It’s Thursday evening, the night before our first big Limmud conference in Germany. So quiet here at this former communist youth camp. We picked it because it’s not too far from Berlin, but far enough that our guests won’t be tempted by the distractions of the big city. Forest and… More ▸

  • Vindication for French Watchdog in Reversal of Al-dura Video Ruling

    Ever since Mohammed al-Dura was shot and killed at Gaza’s Netzarim Junction on Sept. 30, 2000 amid Israeli-Palestinian fighting, claims that the boy’s death was staged for prime-time TV have struggled for credence outside the Jewish world. One French media watchdog who was especially strident in making this claim, Philippe Karsenty, paid a heavy price… More ▸

  • Educators Learn Ways to Welcome Glbt Jews into the Community

    Let’s say you get a memo from work, a Jewish organization, instructing you to leave home any part of your identity that doesn’t conform to Jewish tradition. Sure, there’s room for interpretation. But let’s just say you’re gay. Or lesbian. Or transsexual. And you’re pretty sure you get the subtext. Then what? This was one… More ▸

  • Hollywood, Heeb-style

    Some highlights from Heeb’s Hollywood issue: Award-winning comedian Kristen Schaal wishes she were Jewish. Child actor-turned-Hollywood lawyer Jeff B. Cohen, known for his turn as Chunk in The Goonies, offers legal advice. Up close and personal with Jason Segel, the writer and star of the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Whatever happened to all of those… More ▸

  • Music from Israel Striking Chord with Jews in U.S.

    Singing in unintelligible gibberish as her hands strike the darbuka drum with frantic intensity, the short, pretty brunette at center stage holds the audience transfixed as she reaches the song’s crescendo. When she sounds her final note, the audience rises for a standing ovation. Though it is her New York debut concert, Israeli singer-songwriter Din… More ▸

  • Strangers at Tribeca

    One of the most captivating New York premieres at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which ended yesterday, was Strangers, a powerful film about a chance romance between an Israeli man and a Palestinian woman who meet on a subway in Berlin. Their relationship is rocked not only by their jarring cultural differences, but by the… More ▸