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  • Shultz to Emphasize USSR Human Rights Violations when He Goes to Vienna for the Helsinki Accords Rev

    Secretary of State George Shultz said Friday that he will “emphasize” the Soviet Union’s violations of human rights when he goes to Vienna Tuesday for the 35-nation conference to review the implementation of the 1975 Helsinki Accords. “Arms control agreements with a regime that violates human rights cannot be truly successful in guaranteeing international security,”… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Gorbachev, Helsinki and Soviet Jewry

    Helsinki Accord signatories are already preparing for the next review conference scheduled for Vienna in November. Soviet Jews and their co-religionists in the West are also focusing on the conference, for it will constitute a barometer on how the Kremlin plans to treat the critical issue of Jewish emigration. What can be expected from Kremlin… More ▸

  • After the Israeli-soviet Talks in Helsinki: Israeli Hope for Futher Contacts

    Israeli officials expressed the hope this week that the meeting in Helsinki Monday between Soviet and Israeli representatives was the beginning of further contacts between the two countries. At the same time, Soviet officials insisted that there would be no further talks with Israelis and denounced the Israeli delegation for injecting the issue of Soviet… More ▸

  • After the Helsinki Talks: Israel Seeks Quid Pro Quo from USSR

    Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir made it clear Tuesday night that if the Soviets want to send an official delegation to Israel to deal with consular matters and Soviet assets, Israel must also be allowed to send a delegation to the USSR. He was assessing before a United Jewish Appeal mission in Jerusalem the 90-minute meeting… More ▸

  • Expert on Soviet Policy Says the USSR is Violating Helsinki Accords

    A leading expert on Soviet policy accused the Soviet government of “systematically violating” the humanitarian provisions of the Helsinki Accords. Testifying last week before the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Dr. William Korey, director of international research for B’nai B’rith, said the Helsinki pact obligates its signatories–including the Soviet Union–to “expedite in… More ▸

  • The Importance of the Helsinki Process

    The importance of the Helsinki process for pressing the Soviet Union on human rights was stressed Thursday by officials from the two major American organizations working for the rights of Soviet Jewry. Jerry Goodman, executive director of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, and Mark Epstein, executive director of the Union of Councils for Soviet… More ▸

  • The Sound of Klezmer Music Marks 10th Anniversary of Helsinki Accords

    When four members of the well-known Boston Klezmer group, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, went to the Soviet Union last May, the highlight of their visit was meeting and playing with the Phantom Orchestra, a group of Jewish and non-Jewish refuseniks in Tblisi, the capital of Georgia. Because of this meeting, Merryl Goldberg, Rosalie Gerut, Hankus… More ▸