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Georgia (country)

  • Georgian Jews to Be Settled in Galilee

    One thousand Jewish immigrant families from Soviet Georgia are to be settled in the Galilee under a plan worked out by the Jewish Agency settlement department and presented to the Zionist Congress last night by the department’s director, Dr. Raanan Weitz. According to the plan, some 400 families will settle in a special quarter of… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews in USSR Critical of Emigres Who Say They Want to Return

    Six Jews in Soviet Georgia have sent a letter to Israel reprimanding those Georgian Jewish emigres who have expressed the wish to return to the USSR and urged the Israeli government to take special steps to help Georgian Jews adapt to Israeli life, it was reported today by the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry. The… More ▸

  • Georgian Jewish Emigres Reject Temporary House of Worship

    Jewish emigres from Soviet Georgia, apparently incited by religious zealots, refused today to accept the keys to a temporary house of worship in Ashkelon that was put at their disposal by the Absorption Ministry until a permanent synagogue can be built. Ministry officials and the rabbi of the Georgian community in Ramleh went to Ashkelon… More ▸

  • Housing Demands by Jews from Soviet Georgia Cannot Be Met at This Time

    Absorption Minister Natan Peled said today that his Ministry could not possibly accede to the demands of Jewish immigrants from Soviet Georgia that they be housed in large concentrations with other Jews from the same region. Peled told a news conference that the Georgians coming to Israel will be distributed among 10-11 housing projects in… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews Deny Reports Emigres to Israel Seek Return to USSR

    Jewish sources in Soviet Georgia have indignantly denied reports in the Israeli press that a number of Georgian families who emigrated to Israel have petitioned for permission to return to the USSR. In some of the reports, the number of families said to be seeking repatriation was put at 200. But the sources said there… More ▸

  • ‘spiritual Annihilation’ Charged by Georgian Jews Coming to Israel

    Twenty-one Jewish emigres from the Soviet Georgian Republic accused the Absorption Ministry and the Jewish Agency of aiming at their “spiritual annihilation.” The charge was made yesterday in an open letter to Premier Golda Meir demanding that Georgian Jews arriving in Israel be allowed to remain together and not dispersed in small groups. An Absorption… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews Promised Visas Moscow Jews Threatened by Police

    Jews in Soviet Georgia have been promised exit visas but Jews in Moscow demanding the same have been threatened by police. Jewish sources in Russia reported today. The promise of visas was made on Oct. 7 to seven Georgian Jews who maintained a four-day vigil outside the local visa office in their town to protest… More ▸

  • Tekoah Gives Thant Letter from 531 Georgian Jews Saying Emigration Appeals Ignored

    Israeli Ambassador Yosef Tekoah said today that he had presented Secretary General Thant with a letter signed by 531 Georgian Jews who charged that “repeated appeals” for his aid in their emigration “have so far not brought about any effective results.” Tekoah made the letter public after a half-hour meeting with Thant, in it, the… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews Becoming Increasingly Bitter over Visa Delays

    Jews of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic are becoming increasingly bitter over their inability to obtain exit visas to Israel, and are considering “initiatives” and even “hasty acts” in protest. Jewish sources here say. The Georgian Jews, according to these reports, feel that protests within their republic are being ignored by most overseas media and… More ▸