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Georgia (country)

  • Feigin Married to Haifa Girl; 16 Georgian Jews Warn of Drastic Actions

    “Just imagine; A few months ago I was imprisoned in a mental asylum. Today I am here and am marrying the girl I love.” So said Maj. Grischa Feigin, the former Red Army hero who returned his medals to the Soviet authorities in protest against their Jewish policy. He was committed to an asylum for… More ▸

  • Georgian Jews Seek Explanation About Delay of Exit Visas

    A large group of Georgian Jews went to Communist Party headquarters in Tbilisi on Sunday to ask why their applications for exit visas to Israel had not been processed, Jewish sources reported here today. A delegation was seen by party officials and was promised an answer within a few days. Meanwhile, it was reported that… More ▸

  • Immigrant Families from Soviet Georgia Stage Sit-in at Lydda Airport

    Four families from the Georgian Republic, part of a planeload of Soviet Jewish emigres arriving here from Vienna, today, staged a sit-in at Lydda Airport to protest the accommodations offered them by the Absorption Ministry. Several of the families demanded housing in Lod where they said they had relatives and friends. One of them however… More ▸

  • Report Jews Arrested in Moscow May Have Been Returned to Georgian Rep. by Force

    Vladimir Slepak, a Jewish scientist in Moscow, reported by phone yesterday that 35 Jewish sit-ins from the Georgian Republic who were arrested last Thursday may have been forcibly returned to Georgia. Slepak spoke to Leah Slovin, an attorney, who left the USSR for Israel in 1969 and is presently in London trying to arouse support… More ▸

  • Murder of Georgian Jew Condemned; Bodes Ill for Future Emigration from Georgia

    The murder of a Jewish hatmaker in the Soviet Georgian village of Gudauta was condemned as an anti-Semitic act by the Association of Immigrants from Soviet Georgia meeting here today. The victim was Shalom Khakmishvili. The emigres said his murder boded ill for the future of Georgian Jews who want to immigrate to Israel. (The… More ▸

  • New Jewish Arrivals from Soviet Union Include Families from Georgian Republic

    Another planeload of Russian Jews landed at Lydda Airport late last night bringing immigrants from Odessa, Riga and for the first time in years, from the remote Georgian Republic. The two families from Georgia were signatories of the now famous letter to Premier Golda Meir, signed by 18 Jewish family heads, begging for help to… More ▸

  • Report Soviet Authorities Start Campaign of Harassment Against Georgian Jews

    Sources described as “authoritative” claimed here today that Soviet authorities have started a campaign of harassment against Jews in the Georgian Republic who have signed petitions demanding emigration rights. The same sources also said that preparations were being made for a “show trial” of Jews in Riga who have been active in the movement for… More ▸

  • Georgia Governor at Reception for Sapir; Gift, Admiration Exchanged

    For the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, a governor of Georgia has attended a reception in the home of an Israeli Foreign Ministry official, it was reported here today. According to informed sources, Governor Jimmy Carter attended a reception in the home of Israeli Consul General Moshe Gllboa… More ▸

  • Tekoah Presents Hambro with Emigration Plea by 291. Jews of Georgian Republic

    Israeli Ambassador Yosef Tekoah discussed on Friday the plight of Soviet Jewry with General Assembly President Edvard I. Hambro of Norway, and presented him with an emigration plea signed by 291 Jews of Kulashi, Georgian SSR. The letter, addressed to Dr. Hambro, asked him for aid in emigrating to Israel and appealed to him “to… More ▸

  • Letter by Georgian Soviet Jew Delivered to General Assembly President

    An embittered and impassioned letter from a Soviet Jew denied the right to emigrate to Israel was delivered to General Assembly President Edvard Hambro today. It appealed for his help “to use my human rights and settle in a country which I have selected by my own free will.” The writer identified himself as Abraham… More ▸