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  • Nazi Doctor in Ghana Admits Sterilizing 30,000 Jews; Killed 80,000

    Dr. Horst Schumann, a former Nazi physician charged with killing 30,000 Jews and 100,000 inmates of mental hospitals, admitted here today that he supervised the killing by gas of “maybe 80,000 persons — I have no figures.” Testifying in Ghana’s Court of Appeals in his appeal against an extradition request by the West German Government,… More ▸

  • Ghana High Court Backs Extradition of Nazi Who Killed Jews

    Dr. Horst Schumann, 60, a former Nazi death camp physician fighting extradition to West Germany to face a war crimes trial, lost a petition yesterday for release from prison. The Ghana high court rejected the Nazi doctor’s bid for a writ of habeas corpus to be released from the jail where he has been kept… More ▸

  • Demented Man Attempts to Set Fire to Israeli Embassy in Ghana

    A man believed by police to be mentally deranged tried to set fire to Israel’s Embassy to Ghana here today and threatened some of the Embassy officials with a dagger. The man ran into the Embassy’s outer corridor, sprayed the walls with an inflammable liquid, and lighted a match. As members of the Israeli mission’s… More ▸

  • Ghana Court Orders Extradition of Auschwitz Doctor to W. Germany

    Dr. Horst Schumann, 60, charged with killing 30, 000 Jews and non-Germans at Auschwitz, was ordered by a court here extradited to West Germany. The Ghanaian Government, during the rule of deposed President Kwame Nkrumah, had refused to hand Dr. Schumann over to Bonn for trial on the war crime charges. More ▸

  • Ghana Court to Decide Today on Extradition of Auschwitz Physician

    Dr. Horst Schumann, the Auschwitz concentration camp physician for whose extradition West Germany is fighting at Accra, Ghana, is claiming that he is not subject to extradition because he is charged with a “political” violation instead of with a criminal act, according to a report received here today from a Ghanaian capital. Dr. Schumann is… More ▸

  • Bonn Confirms Ghana Agreement to Extradite Auschwitz Physician

    The Government of Ghana has agreed to extradite Dr. Horst Schumann, a former physician at the Auschwitz death camp, wanted by West Germany for mass murders of Jews, it was confirmed here today. According to a government spokesman here, Schumann served as a medical officer in the Volta region of Ghana during the regime of… More ▸

  • Ghana to Extradite Nazi Physician to Germany; Sought for Killing Jews

    Dr. Horst Schumann, charged in West Germany with the murder of Jews in Auschwitz concentration camp will be extradited by the new Ghanaian regime, the West German Ambassador to Ghana reported today to the Bonn Government. Former Premier Nkrumah had refused to extradite the Nazi. Dr. Schumann, about 60, works for Ghana’s Ministry of Health… More ▸

  • Israeli Consul General in Los Angeles Honored; Named Envoy to Ghana

    Mordecai Shalev, Israel Consul General for the Western States, reported here last night that drinking water was already being supplied from desalination projects on the Red Sea to residents of Elath, Israel’s southernmost port. The Israeli official, who has been named Ambassador to Ghana, made the disclosure in a farewell address to the local Jewish… More ▸

  • Ghana Envoy Sees Africans Shunning Anti-israel Move at Cairo Parley

    The possibility that the Arab states might use the current summit conference of African heads of state, meeting in Cairo, as a sounding board against Israel was discounted here today by Bediako Poku, Ghana’s Ambassador to Israel. In a statement to The Jerusalem Post, the Ambassador said that “uneasiness” over such a possibility fails to… More ▸

  • Ghana Ignores German Request for Extradition of Nazi Camp Physician

    Dr. Fritz Bauer, Chief Public Prosecutor of Hesse, disclosed today that the extradition of Horst Schumann, a former Nazi concentration camp doctor, from Ghana had been sought as far back as 1961 but that Ghana still had not complied with the request. Dr. Bauer made the disclosure in connection with a request for Schumann’s return… More ▸