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  • Mrs. Meir Says UN Vote Was Motivated by Reality of Oil

    Former Premier Golda Meir said last night that the United Nations will soon have the “honor” of being addressed by “the murderers of women and children.” Her hitter statement was aimed at the General Assembly’s 105-4 vote late yesterday to invite the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in its deliberations on the Palestine Question. Mrs…. More ▸

  • Mrs. Meir Tells UJA Mission Israel Must Resist U.S. Pressure

    Former Israeli Premier Golda Meir said last night that Israel must resist any pressures by her American friends which would put the Jewish State in a dangerous and untenable position. Speaking at a dinner meeting of 300 American Jewish community leaders in Israel for the 1974 United Jewish Appeal Prime Minister’s Mission, Mrs. Meir said… More ▸

  • Mrs. Meir Reveals She Sought Meeting with Sadat

    Former Premier Golda Meir revealed here today that she had gone to “a certain country” and held 14 hours of talks with its President, Premier and Foreign Minister, who told her they were confident that President Anwar Sadat sought an Egypt-Israel meeting at the top level. She agreed at once, saying this was the happiest… More ▸

  • Mrs. Meir Denies Nbc-tv Report That She Met with Hussein Last May

    Former Premier Golda Meir denied today a report by NBC-TV that she had met with King Hussein on May. 27. Mrs. Meir’s denial, which was issued by a spokesman, referred only to the time and place of the reported meeting with Hussein. The statement said that “denying the report the former Premier recalled that on… More ▸

  • Golda Leaves Pm’s Residence, Her Official Home for Five Years

    Former Premier Golda Meir quietly left her Jerusalem official residence today — after close to five years as Prime Minister. She left the Premier’s residence escorted by her sister, Clara Stern of Bridgeport, Conn. The two ladies went to Golda’s modest Tel Aviv apartment, next door to her son Menahem’s apartment. A truck carried the… More ▸

  • Mrs. Meir Gets Hospital Check-up

    Former Premier Golda Meir was hospitalized yesterday at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, for what was described as a check-up at the hematology department. The department’s chief physician said she would leave the hospital by Friday. More ▸

  • Meir Cabinets Final Session

    The Golda Meir Cabinet held its last session here today after more than fire years of her leadership. For over 90 minutes minister after minister spoke in praise of her steadfastness, her political acumen and her qualities of leadership. Cabinet Secretary Gershon Avner said the ministers’ words of praise would be officially published tomorrow. Mrs…. More ▸

  • Brael Approves Accord; Mrs. Meir Presents Terms of Agreement to Knesset. Hints at Secret Protocols

    The Knesset voted late tonight to approve the Israeli-Syrian disengagement accord that had won the unanimous endorsement of the Israeli Cabinet yesterday. The vote climaxed a stormy debate following Premier Golda Meir’s reading of the main points of the agreement which, she stressed repeatedly and emphatically, did not prejudice Israel’s security and provided fully for… More ▸

  • Nixon Expresses Condolences in Personal Letter to Mrs. Meir

    President Nixon in a letter today to Premier Golda Meir expressed his “personal condolences to the Israeli people in this time of mourning” over the murders by Arab terrorists of school children and others in Maalot yesterday. White House Deputy Press Secretary Gerald Warren announced the letter at his news conference and made the text… More ▸