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  • Battle for Jerusalem Control Shaping Up; Heavy Fighting in Jaffa, Acre Reported

    Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem were preparing today a major battle for control of the city. Heavy fighting is expected to break out thin hours, following the Arab seizure of the British Army’s Alamein camp, two ##es from here, which was evacuated earlier. Arab forces, including units of the Transjordan Legion, were reportedly waiting for… More ▸

  • Irgun Troops Launch Attack on Jaffa; Thousands of Arabs Fleeing Port City

    Some 3,000 men of the Irgun Zvai Leumi today launched an independent attack on the all-Arab port city of Jaffa. The Haganah immediately announced that the Irgun high command had gathered its forces from all parts of the country and concentrated them for this attack without previously informing the Haganah nor receiving its permission for… More ▸

  • Arabs Surrender Control of Haifa to Jews; Accept Truce Terms Unconditionally

    Haifa today become the second large Palestine ##rity to be controlled completely by Jews as the local Arab leadership accepted unconditionally Jewish terms for peace in the city. The Arab capitulation took place after more than 24 hours of fighting during which the Jews took over every position of major strategic importance in the port… More ▸

  • British Forces in Jerusalem Alerter Following Haifa Victory; Fear Haganah Raid on City

    All British military and police personnel were alerted today as news of the Jewish victory in Haifa reached this city. Some quarters expressed the belief that Haganah might be planning a similar drive on Jerusalem. The Palestine Government’s Immigration Department offices, located in the central section of the city, were occupied today by armed Jews…. More ▸

  • U.S. Britain Discussing Various Solutions for Palestine Problem, Lovett Declares

    The United States and Britain have been discussing various methods for dealing with the Palestine problem, Acting Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett declared today at a press conference. He declined to state pacifically, however, whether the discussions centered around a suggestion that British troops remain in Palestine after May 15 in order to maintain… More ▸

  • ?co Arabs Killed in Convoy Battle; 500 Food Trucks Reach Jerusalem; Few Disabled

    Approximately 500 food tracks arrived in Jerusalem today from Tel Aviv following an Arab attack near Bab el Wad which disabled ?ight of the convoy’s vehicles. A Haganah detachment dispatched to the scene of the raid reported that it engaged a 4OO-man Arab band, half of whom were Iraqi and Lebanese guerrillas, killing ?00 and… More ▸

  • Arab Population of Tiberias Evacuated by British; Haganah Proclaims Jewish Regime

    The entire Arab population of the mixed town ? Tiberias, in northern Palestine, was evacuated today under supervision of British bops. The evacuation was completed by early this evening at which time the Jewish charter of the town was placed under curfew. Immediately after the evacuation, “began, the local Haganah leader proclaimed p existence of… More ▸