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  • Indonesia Withdraws Its Soldiers from U. N. Force in the Gaza Area

    The Indonesian Government has informed the United Nations that it withdraws its 584 soldiers presently in the UN Emergency Force at the termination of their six months of service. In a letter to the Secretariat, the Government of Indonesia expressed “deep regret at its inability to provide a replacement for further service.” More ▸

  • Arabs Pressure Indonesia Against Playing Soccer with Israeli Teams

    Arab boycott pressure may catapult Israel’s soccer team into the semi-finals of the International Football Federation’s world competition this year without it having played a single game, it was learned today. The Israeli team is scheduled to play an Indonesian soccer team in a home-and-home meet on July 31 and August 15, but so far… More ▸

  • Indonesia Says She Can Refuse Visa to Israelis Without Explanation

    An Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman said today in Jakarta that Indonesia was free to refuse visas to Israelis and had no obligation to give clarification on why a visa was refused. He commented on press reports that the American Jewish Congress had criticized Indonesia for refusing visas to Israel delegates to the coming World University… More ▸

  • Indonesia Scored in U.S. for Barring Israeli Students from Conference

    The Government of Indonesia was branded today as “short-sighted and ungenerous” for her refusal to admit two Israelis into Indonesia to attend the annual business meeting of World University Service, an international student welfare organization. The charge was made by Dr. Arthur J. Lelyveld, vice-chairman of the American organization, in a statement explaining the reasons… More ▸

  • Student Group Cancels Indonesia Meeting when Israelis Are Barred

    The World University Service, an international student welfare organization which assists needy students and universities, has cancelled plans to hold its annual meeting in Indonesia because the government of that country has refused to grant visas to two Israeli delegates, the offices of WUS revealed here today. Confirmation was received yesterday from the organization’s branch… More ▸

  • President of Indonesia Urges Egypt and Israel to Live “in Brotherhood”

    President Sukarno of Indonesia today expressed the hope that Israel and Egypt would find a means for “living in brotherhood.” The Indonesian Chief of State, who a little over a year ago was host to the Asian-African conference at Egyptian Israel brotherhood at Mayor Wagner’s official luncheon tendered him as a guest of the City… More ▸

  • Pakistan, Indonesia Rebuked for Refusing Entry to Israelis

    Pakistan and Indonesia received today a sharp rebuke from the World Federation of United Nations Organizations when the group passed over both of them in settling on the site of its next annual meeting because both countries refuse Israeli nationals the right of entry. The group, concluding its annual session, decided to hold the 1955… More ▸

  • Indonesia Bars Israeli Delegates; Parley Moves to Burma

    A meeting of the Asian Socialist Bureau opened in Burma today after a last minute change of venue when the Indonesian Government refused to admit Israeli delegates who were to attend the meeting originally scheduled to be held there. The Government of Indonesia said that the Israelis would not be admitted because Indonesia has not… More ▸

  • Sympathy for Israel Reported Growing in India. Burma, Indonesia

    There is great interest in Israel and sympathy for her cause in India, Burma and Indonesia, despite Arab propaganda, Reuben Barakat, Mapai leader, declared here today after returning from an extensive tour of the Far East. Mr. Barakat, who was an Israeli delegate to the recent conference of Asiatic Socialist parties in Rangoon, reported that… More ▸