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  • In Israel’s North, Hotels Are Empty, While the South Reaps the Benefits

    With the fighting along Israel’s northern border showing no sign of letting up, Israel’s most popular summer tourist region has been turned into a battle zone. Tanks line roads normally filled with tour buses loaded with schoolchildren, Christian pilgrims and Orthodox Jews. Instead of the sounds of kids splashing in swimming pools and canyons, there… More ▸

  • As Fighting Goes On, European Jews Worry About Waning Support for Israel

    European Jewish officials are warning the Israeli government that public opinion in their home countries is threatening to turn Europe’s governments against Israel’s military operations in Lebanon. In meetings here Sunday with Israel’s defense and foreign ministers, European Jewish leaders urged the Israeli government to launch a full-court press in European capitals to maintain continued… More ▸

  • For American Jews, Current Crisis is Test of Their Connection to Israel

    Israel’s military operations in Lebanon may represent a greater test of American Jewry’s resolve and engagement with the Jewish state than of Israel’s military capacity. For more than two decades, observers of the Jewish scene have commented on the decline of American Jewish support for Israel. Studies in part confirm this shift away from the… More ▸

  • As Crisis Escalates, Programs in Israel Adjust to Keep Kids Safe

    Ever since rockets from Lebanon started pouring down on Israel, Emily Kramer has been able to think of only one thing: her sister. Kramer, 24, of New York City, says she talks to Samantha, 17, who is on a B’nai B’rith Youth Organization program to Israel, “like 100 times a day.” The rest of the… More ▸

  • Ooh Lah Lah! France and Israel Create Foundation for Cooperation

    After years of sometimes frosty relations, Israel and France have organized a foundation to promote cooperation. The Fondation France-Israel is a direct result of the visit by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to France in July 2005. After a joint decision by Sharon and French President Jacques Chirac, it was launched earlier this month during… More ▸

  • Israel’s Top Rabbinate Rejects Orthodox Conversions As Well

    Earlier this month, an Orthodox couple flew from the United States to Israel to be married in the Jewish state. When they arrived, they discovered they had a problem on their hands. The woman had converted to Judaism, and despite the fact that the converting rabbi in the United States was himself Orthodox, he didn’t… More ▸

  • After Dot-com Bust, Entrepreneurs from Israel Turn to Health-care Fields

    At a recent conference on Israeli start-up companies, a group of young investors stood in the hallway chatting animatedly about Israeli businesses and venture capital opportunities. They were particularly surprised by the growing number of health care-related firms that had come from Israel to the conference — held at the Newark offices of telecom giant… More ▸

  • Israel’s Eye Still on Settlements As Parties Attempt to Exploit Tensions

    Had Ariel Sharon been able to continue as Israeli prime minister, his main strategic goal would have been establishing a new long-term border between Israel and the West Bank. That remains the primary aim of his Kadima Party, but last week’s violent clashes between settlers and police at the tiny West Bank outpost of Amona… More ▸

  • With Sharon Ailing, Elections in Israel Suddenly Up for Grabs

    Ariel Sharon’s massive brain hemorrhage has thrown Israel’s upcoming election wide open. What looked like a foregone conclusion — with the prime minister’s Kadima Party headed toward a landslide victory — could now become a close three-way race among Kadima, Labor and Likud. “From this morning we have an entirely different political situation: Three parties… More ▸

  • A Short Political History of Israel

    Since Israel was founded in 1948, 11 people have served as prime minister. Power has shifted back and forth between the Labor and Likud parties, traditionally the country’s largest, on seven different occasions. After his announcement Monday that he is bolting Likud to form a new faction, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is hoping power… More ▸