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  • 10 Years After Israel-jordan Peace, No Celebrations Mark the Milestone

    Ten years ago this week, in the midst of a desert storm in the Arava valley, the late King Hussein of Jordan and the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel signed a peace accord ushering in an era of hope that relations between the neighbors would become a model for a new Middle East…. More ▸

  • Kidnapping of Tv Producer Highlights Druse Dilemma As Arabs Living in Israel

    At times it seemed as if the entire Druse community — all 100,000 of them — had decided to come celebrate the release of one of their own: Riad Ali. An endless line of people streamed into his father’s backyard in this predominantly Druse village to share their joy over Ali’s freedom. Palestinian terrorists abducted… More ▸

  • Kerry Offers Hope for an Israel Made More Dangerous by Bush

    Many American Jews and Israeli Americans seem impressed by George W. Bush’s putative support for Israel. As an Israeli, I implore responsible Jewish voters who care about Israel: Look at his record over his rhetoric, and you’ll see the dangers of his leadership for this country. Luckily, John Kerry’s record offers hope for Israel. I… More ▸

  • Envoy Looks Back on 2 Years of Tightly Knit U.s.-israel Ties

    Daniel Ayalon has served two years as Israel’s envoy to Washington, presiding over extraordinary closeness between the United States and Israel and radical changes in the American approach to Middle East peace that largely favor Israel. And he’s worried it could all be a career killer. That’s because Ayalon, the first non-political appointee to Israel’s… More ▸

  • Escape Hatch: French Jews Visit Israel As Anti-semitism Rises at Home

    French is one of the common languages spoken around the sparkling blue pool at the David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv, along the sandy beaches of Netanya and Eilat and the hotel lobbies of Jerusalem this summer. Some 50,000 French Jews decided to forgo usual vacation favorites such as the French Riviera this summer and come… More ▸

  • North American Doctors Build New Lives After Moving to Israel

    A week after the Benuck family made aliyah from New Jersey, lunchtime at their house is cheese sandwiches, fruit and yogurt on a wobbly card table in an empty living room. The room’s only decoration is a poster explaining the administrative steps for immigrating to the Jewish state. But there is good news, Mitchell Benuck… More ▸

  • House Approves Israel Aid, but Rift Evident on Security Fence Bill

    As the U.S. House of Representatives continues to refine its positions on the Middle East, support for Israel remains strong — but divisions are beginning to show. On July 15, the House passed its annual foreign aid appropriations bill, giving Israel $2.2 billion in military aid and $360 million in economic aid. House members shot… More ▸

  • World Court Says Security Fence is Illegal, but Israel Rejects Opinion

    The Jews were outraged, perhaps, but not surprised. For months, Israel had been bracing for a negative ruling on its West Bank security barrier from the International Court of Justice at The Hague, and last Friday it came — with no criticism of the Palestinian terrorist onslaught that prompted Israel to build the fence. Israeli… More ▸