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  • Japanese Foreign Minister Meets with Israeli Leaders, Palestinians

    Japan plans to take a more active role to help resolve the Middle East conflict, its foreign minister, Sosuke Uno, told Israeli leaders and Palestinians during a busy one-day visit Sunday. According to Israeli sources, he stressed to Premier Yitzhak Shamir that Japan recognize the Palestinians’ right to self determination, as well as the right… More ▸

  • Japan Inundated with Anti-semitic Books, Says Wiesenthal Center

    “Japan is a country very taken with literature that smacks of classics anti-Semitic scapegoating,” but unlike the West, it has not led to any overt anti-Semitic acts, according to Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center here. Cooper spoke on his return from a week-long fact-finding mission to Japan, where he visited… More ▸

  • Japanese Foreign Minister to Pay an Unprecedented Visit to Israel

    Japanese Foreign Minister Sosuke Uno’s visit to Israel later this month will be the first by a high-level Japanese official to the Jewish state. Shingo Yamagami, second secretary at the Japanese Embassy here, said Uno will visit Israel sometime between June 22 and June 27. The purpose of the visit will be to “exchange opinions”… More ▸

  • Japanese Want to Sell to Israel, but Are Afraid to Break Boycott

    Japanese manufacturers, especially the automakers, want to sell to Israel, but neither the government nor any leading company is willing to openly buck the Arab boycott, according to a Tokyo business magazine. In an article called “Under the Arab Thumb,” the March issue of the English-language publication Business Tokyo notes that unlike the United States… More ▸

  • Japanese Rabbi Urges Stepsto Combat Anti-semitism There

    American Jews should construct a Jewish cultural center in Tokyo to disseminate information that would counter negative Japanese perceptions of Jews, Japan’s sole rabbi urged here last week. Michael Schudrick, spiritual leader of the Jewish Community Center in Tokyo, explained that the stereotypes were essentially the result of a recent spate of anti-Semitic books. He… More ▸

  • Japan Sends High-level Trade Delegation to Israel

    A high-level Japanese trade delegation arrived here Wednesday for wide-ranging talks on commercial relations and international economic conditions. According to observers, this may be a further signal that Japan is ending its long-standing tilt toward compliance with the Arab League boycott of Israel. The delegation, which met with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Thursday morning, is… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA Three Rabbis Participate in Religious Summit in Japan

    Forty-two years ago this month, atomic bombs fell on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombs brought World War II in the Pacific to an abrupt and merciful end, saving more than a million Allied and Japanese lives. But those horrific explosions also marked the beginning of a new kind of existence for… More ▸

  • New Links Between Bgu and Japan Seen

    New links may be established between Japanese industrialists and Ben Gurion University of the Negev if a Japanese professor has his way. Prof. Hideo Itokawa, one of the founders of Japan’s aeronautical industry and a leading industrial consultant, announced his intention to establish a group of Associates of Ben Gurion University in Japan, which will… More ▸

  • 60 Lawmakers Urge Japan to Invite Jerusalem to Conference in Kyoto

    Sixty House members have signed a letter to Nobuo Matsunaga, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States, urging that Jerusalem be invited to send representatives to a World Conference of Historical Cities to be held in Kyoto in November. “Any conference on the impact of the major cities of the world on the history of… More ▸

  • Japanese Store Withdraws from Confab Featuring Anti-semitic Author

    A leading Japanese department store has cancelled its sponsorship of a Tokyo forum June 2-3 following a protest by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith because the scheduled lecturer was Masumi Uno, the author of two anti-Semitic books. Mitsuo Yamazaki, president of Seibu Department Stores, Ltd., said that Seibu has withdrawn from the forum at… More ▸