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jewish orphans

  • Half of All Jewish Children in France Killed or Deported by Germans; 15,000 Remain

    Fifteen-thousand Jewish children – half of those living in France before the war – were killed or deported during the German occupation, officials of the OSE, Jewish Health Society, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent today. About 13,000 were killed in or deported from the occupied zone, while 2,000 met a similar fate in the… More ▸

  • Anti-jewish Laws Abolished in Belgium; Many Jews Survived in Antwerp and Brussels

    All anti-Jewish laws in Belgium, introduced during the years of German occupation, have been officially abolished, it was reported here today from Brussels. Mayor Van Demeulebrough of Brussels issued a proclamation expressing the sympathy of the Belgian population with the Jews. The proclamation assures Jewish widows and orphans whose husbands and parents were killed by… More ▸

  • Jews of Lyon Hold First Open Meeting; Discuss Relief and Restoration Problems

    The Jews of Liberated Lyon, which now has the largest Jewish population in France after Paris, today held their first open, legal meeting since the commencement of Nazi persecutions in France, and tonight celebrated their new freedom at special synagogue services. Some 50 men and women, composing the Lyon United Jewish Defense Committee, assembled at… More ▸

  • New Transport of Rumanian Jews Reaches Turkey from Constanza on Neutral Ship

    The Jewish Agency today reported that the “S. S. Kasbak,” carrying 739 Jewish refugees from Rumania has arrived in Turkey from the Rumanian port of Constanza. The passengers landed in Istanbul and proceeded by train to Palestine. The transportation of the refugees was financed by the Joint Distribution Committee. The group included 263 Jewish orphans… More ▸

  • Mobilization of Hungarian Teachers for Anti-jewish Campaign is Urged

    Pro-Nazi newspapers in Hungary have started a campaign for the mobilization of all school teachers to conduct anti-Jewish propaganda to “enlighten” the Hungarian population concerning the “advantages” which the monition of Jews from economic life will bring to every non-Jew in the country. The newspapers continue to complain that not only do many Hungarians disapprove… More ▸

  • Jewish Submarine Commander in Russia Decorated by U.S. General

    Captain Israel Fisanovitch, noted Jewish submarine commander of the Red Fleet, who destroyed many German raiders which were attempting to intercept American and British convoys to Russia, has received an American decoration, it was disclosed here today when a photograph of a U. S. general awarding him the decoration was placed on exhibition at the… More ▸

  • Brutal Extermination of Jewish Children by Nazis Cited in Polish Manifesto

    The merciless mass-extermination by the Nazis of Jewish children in occupied Poland is graphically portrayed in a manifesto issued by Polish groups here today in preparation for a Day of Protest Against the Persecution of Polish Children which will be held under the auspices of the Polish Children Rescue Fund. The manifesto declares that “thousands… More ▸

  • Hundreds of Ragged, Homeless Jewish Children Roam Streets of Mohilev in Transnistria

    Hundreds of Jewish children deported with their parents to the city of Mohilev in Transnistria, the Rumanian-held section of the Soviet Ukraine, are roaming the streets of that city, starving and ragged, according to authenticated reports received here today. These children are the overflow that cannot be handled in the three orphan asylums which the… More ▸