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  • Hoover hears a Jew

    Herbert Hoover, president from 1929-1933 (and whose birthday is today), has a few less-than-cheery associations: Hoovertowns, the Great Depression, and his pre-presidency role as head of Food Administration during World War I, which involved food-rationing slogans like “when in doubt, eat potatoes.”. What he probably isn’t known for is involvement with the Jewish community. But… More ▸

  • Lower the bar: words of distraction for aspiring Jewish lawyers

    Taking the bar exam tomorrow? Looking for encouragement? Here are a few quick distractions to cool your nerves and reassure you about your career path decision. No guarantees, of course.  [[READMORE]] Stereotypes about Jews in the legal profession are a sensitive matter, as CBS learned in 1971:  "’All in the Family,’ which premiered in January,… More ▸

  • Jewish nonprofit understatement of the century

    If the Jewish development professional in your life is feeling the Monday blues, reassure them that it could be worse. In what could reasonably be called the fundraising understatement of the century, here’s a JDC official’s call to action to raise money for Roumanian flood relief, dated July 11, 1932: "We have never failed when such… More ▸

  • In Israel, the “eh” comes BEFORE Canada Day

    In Israel, sentences start with "eh." In Canada, they end with "eh." Could this explain why Israel proclaimed Canada day on March 30 instead of July 1? "Canada Day" Proclaimed in Jerusalem; Law School Building Dedicated (March 30, 1959) JERUSALEM – Today was "Canada Day" here, so proclaimed by Mayor Gershon Agron in honor of the dedication… More ▸

  • Timeline: Kosher food fights for Jewish prisoners

    An article in The Forward this week reveals that kosher meal provisions in California state prisons are being targeted for state budget cuts; the same is true in Nevada, According to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The online trade newsletter Kosher Today claims that the demand for Kosher food in prisons today is valued at… More ▸

  • Rosalyn Yalow, medical scientist, dies at 89

    The New York Times posted an obituary today for Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, 89, a Nobel-prize winning medical physicist who died on Monday. According to the Times, she was the second woman to ever win the Nobel Prize in medicine:   Dr. Yalow, a product of New York City schools and the daughter of parents who never… More ▸