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  • Thousands Mass at Sde Boker to Celebrate David Ben-gurion’s Birthday

    Thousands of persons converged today on this isolated kibbutz in the Negev to pay homage to former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Today’s event was the first of several celebrations in various parts of the country marking the 80th birthday of the man who headed Israel’s Government for 15 of the 18 years since the rebirth… More ▸

  • Israel Starts Weekend of Ben-gurion Birthday Celebrations Today

    The Jews of Israel prepared today for nation-wide celebrations of the 80th birthday of David Ben-Gurion throughout the coming weekend. The birthday of the man who had played a key role in the struggles leading to Jewish statehood, and who led Israel as Prime Minister for most of its 18 years, is October 1. President… More ▸

  • Israel Launches Nationwide Observance of Ben-gurion’s 80th Birthday

    The nationwide celebrations observing the 80th birthday of David Ben-Gurion, which occurs this year on October 1, were formally inaugurated today when the greetings of the Israeli Government were presented to the former Premier by Interior Minister Moshe Shapiro and Police Minister Behor Shitreet, who journeyed to Sde Boker, Pen-Gurion’s Negev retreat, for the event…. More ▸

  • Israel Will Honor Ben-gurion on Birthday; Shazar to Open Fete

    President Zalman Shazar will personally open the celebrations for former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s 80th birthday, October 1. The President will go with his wife and members of the official celebration committee to Mr. Ben-Gurion’s residence at Sde Boker in the Negev to convey the best wishes of the nation to Mr. Ben-Gurion. The President… More ▸

  • Son of Germany’s Ambassador to Israel Works in Ben-gurion’s Kibbutz

    Christian Pauls, 22-year-old son of West Germany’s first Ambassador to Israel, was disclosed today to be spending his summer vacation working at the Sde Boker kibbutz, of which former Premier David Ben-Gurion is a member. The youth, a student at Freiburg University, spent two years in the West German army on compulsory duty and then… More ▸

  • Adenauer Leaves Israel; Pledges Maximum Support for Jewish State

    Former West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer completed today an action-packed eight-day visit to Israel with an assurance that he would continue to work actively for Israel. His departure from Lydda Airport was delayed 30 minutes after police received an anonymous report that a bomb had been placed on the E1 A1 airliner taking him back… More ▸

  • Israel Cabinet Discusses Police Brutality Charges; Inquiry Body Named

    Prime Minister Levi Eshkol today appointed a special commission to inquire into charges of police brutality against Hebrew University students who, last Thursday, staged a demonstration protesting the visit to the university by Dr. Konrad Adenauer, former chancellor of West Germany, now on a visit to Israel at the Government’s invitation. The commission, to be… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Stresses Hebrew Knowledge in Fight Against Assimilation

    Former Premier David Ben-Gurion, who was guest of honor last night at a dinner of the Joint Palestine Appeal, appealed to his Jewish listeners to make sure that their children and grandchildren had a Hebrew education. The former Premier, who received a standing ovation at the start and at the close of his address, said… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Holds ‘open House’ in Negev on His 79th Birthday

    Former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion celebrated his 79th birthday yesterday with an open house at his Negev retreat at Sde Boker where he welcomed family, friends and even political opponents. When those present offered the customary toast “may you live to be a 120, ” Mrs. Ben-Gurion said “that’s not enough.” Thousands of congratulatory telegrams… More ▸

  • $2,046,652 Raised by Pioneer Women; Sold $4,712,670 in Israel Bonds

    Pioneer Women, the American Women’s Labor Zionist Organization, has raised a total of $2,046,652 during the past two years, it was announced here today by Mrs. Blanche Fine, national president of the organization. Addressing the 40th anniversary convention of Pioneer Women, Mrs. Fine said that a total $4,712,670 in Israel bonds have been sold by… More ▸