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  • Nazis Launch Expulsion of Jews from Towns in Cracow Area

    Following the mass expulsion of Jews from Cracow, the Nazi authorities have started the deportation of Jews from the smaller towns in the Cracow district, it is reported here today. Jews, and in some cases also Poles, from thirty townships in Cracow district are being driven from their homes by storm troopers into Lublin, Warsaw… More ▸

  • All Jews Now Ousted from Cracow, Except Street-cleaners

    A special correspondent of the Berlin Boersen-Zeitung after a tour of Nazi-occupied Poland, states that the Jews have been completely removed from Cracow except a few employed as street sweepers. Previous attempts to oust all Jews from the capital of the Polish Government-General had failed. The Warsaw ghetto is inhabited by 560,000 Jews and has… More ▸

  • Nazis Plan to Introduce Special Currency for Jews in Poland

    Introduction of special "Jewish currency" whose circulation will be restricted to Jews is now being contemplated by the Nazi authorities in Poland according to reports from Cracow today. The reports state that under the new plan all Jews will be ordered to submit their cash to the National Bank in exchange for bills which will… More ▸

  • Typhoid is “endemic Jewish Disease,” Nazis Say in Issuing Warsaw Ghetto Rules

    New traffic regulations for Warsaw street cars and busses are announced in the Warschauer Zeitung, Nazi organ in Poland. Street cars and busses marked “Aryans Only” may no longer stop to take on or discharge passengers in the Jewish reservations of the city. Street cars and busses marked “Jews Only” may no longer make any… More ▸

  • Nazis Issue New Order for Removal of Cracow Jews to Reservations

    Declaring that Jews had not complied with previous orders to leave Cracow, the German authorities in the capital of the Polish Government General have issued a new order for expulsion of the Jewish inhabitants to “reservations” and forbidding Jews henceforth to enter the city, it was reported here today. Nazi District Leader Wachter explained the… More ▸

  • Nazis Force Jewish Doctors to Display Stars on Nameplates

    The Nazi authorities in Poland have issued an order requiring all Jewish physicians to display six-pointed Jewish stars on their nameplates, the Polish Telegraphic Agency reported today. Two Cracow Jews have been sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for violating the ban on kosher slaughter, according to the Nazi press. In Warsaw, the authorities have discontinued… More ▸

  • Crippling of Cracow’s Economy Slows Down Expulsion of Jews

    The Nazi plan to expel the entire Jewish population from Cracow has struck another snag, according to reports reaching Geneva from Nazi-occupied Poland. Determined to make the capital of the Government-General “judenreim” the Nazi administration has renewed its efforts to replace Jews in factories and in artisanship with Germans repatriated from Soviet Russia and the… More ▸

  • Jewish Savings Banks Closed

    All Jewish savings banks in the Government-General area of Poland have been closed by the Nazi authorities supervising banking enterprises, the Krakauer Zeitung, Nazi newspaper in Poland, reports. It is expected that a restricted number of Jewish savings banks will be permitted to resume activity, the paper says. Meanwhile, opening in Rzeszow of the first… More ▸

  • Warsaw Ghetto Expanded by Nazis

    The ghetto area of Warsaw, Poland, has been considerably enlarged by the Nazi authorities, and now includes part of Marszalkowska Street, the Gazeta Zydowska, only Jewish newspaper in Nazi-occupied territory, reported today. The newspaper also reported that the Nazis had again postponed the date for evacuation of Jews from Cracow. mark in poor working class… More ▸

  • New Curbs on Polish Jews Imposed by Nazis; Cracow Homes Seized

    A sweeping new ordinance governing the activities of Jews has been issued by the Nazi authorities in Cracow, capital of rump Poland, according to information reaching Polish official circles here today. The ordinance provides: (1) All Jews must shave off their beards; (2) no Jew is permitted to enter an "Aryan" restaurant or cafe; (3)… More ▸