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  • Latvian Airline to Carry Olim

    The Jewish Agency signed an agreement Wednesday with the Latvian airline Latpas to carry immigrants from the Baltic states directly to Israel. Latpas has been running charter flights from Riga to Tel Aviv since March but was limited to regular passengers. Now it will reserve seats for immigrants booked by the Jewish Agency. Olim from… More ▸

  • El Al to Begin Direct Flights for Olim from Russia and Latvia

    El Al is planning to begin direct flights to Israel for emigres from Russia and Latvia on Dec. 1, airline President Rafi Harlev announced here Wednesday. He said an agreement on weekly flights from Riga and St. Petersburg — formerly Leningrad–is expected within a matter of days. “The Soviet Foreign Ministry has decided not to… More ▸

  • Israel Recognizes Independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    Taking its cue once again from Washington, Israel announced Wednesday that it was extending diplomatic recognition to the three Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The statement proffering recognition was made by Foreign Minister David Levy, who spoke to reporters after meeting with visiting Italian Foreign Minister Gianni De Michelis. Levy said Israel’s decision… More ▸

  • Showing Independence from Moscow, Latvia Launches Flights to Israel

    Latvia, struggling for independence from the Soviet Union, has taken at least a symbolic step in that direction by inaugurating direct flights between Riga and Tel Aviv. Moscow has not yet sanctioned regular commercial service between the Soviet Union and Israel. But a jet belonging to Aeroflot, the Soviet national airline, landed Wednesday at Ben-Gurion… More ▸

  • Trial of Suspected Latvian Nazi Who Fled U.S. Begins in Germany

    An accused Nazi war criminal who eluded a death sentence in the Soviet Union and evaded deportation from the United States is finally facing justice in West Germany. The trial of 86-year-old Boleslavs Maikovskis, which opened last Thursday in the northwestern city of Munster, culminates 25 years of legal proceedings and intensive manhunts in both… More ▸

  • Delegates to Riga Conference Report Gains for Soviet Jews

    Soviet and American delegates to a historic Jewish cultural conference in Riga this past Sunday and Monday report concrete gains that include establishment of a committee to coordinate a Jewish federation in the Soviet Union. Some 200 representatives from 40 Jewish organizations throughout the Soviet Union gathered in the Latvian capital in a meeting of… More ▸

  • Riga Activist Charged

    Zakhar Zunshain, a Riga activist, has been charged with “defaming the Soviet State” under the Latvian Criminal Code, the National Conference on Soviet Jewry reported today. If convicted, he faces up to three years in a labor camp. According to the Conference, the 33-year-old physicist is being held incommunicado. Zunshain was arrested last December in… More ▸

  • Special to the JTA After 22 Years, Riga Will Soon Have Its Own Rabbi

    After 22 years without a spiritual leader, the Jewish community of Riga in the Soviet Union will soon have its own rabbi, a native of the city who has just been ordained in Budapest. The newly ordained rabbi is 30-year-old Menachem Nidel who completed seven years of studies at the Rabbinical Seminary in the Hungarian… More ▸

  • Germany to Question Ex-latvian Cop

    West Germany wants the Ontario Supreme Court to order a North York man, who was a Latvian police officer during the Nazi occupation, to tell what he knows of two mass executions of civilians in Latvia in the early 1940s. The testimony of Harold Puntulis, a builder, would be part of the persecution’s case in… More ▸

  • Riga Refusnik Receives Exit Visa

    Reports out of Riga indicate that Oleg Milshtein, a biochemist who was previously refused permission to emigrate to Israel on grounds of alleged state secrets he had been exposed to at work, has received his long awaited visa and is expected to leave shortly with his wife Flora and children, according to the National Conference… More ▸