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  • U.S. Condemns Libya Amid Reports of Second Chemical Weapons Plant

    The United States has condemned the ongoing Libyan chemical weapons manufacturing program, in the wake of news reports that the North African country is building a second chemical weapons plant. Libya’s chemical weapons program has long been a source of concern to the United States because of the country’s links to terrorist activity. It has… More ▸

  • Iran, Syria and Libya Amassing Huge Arsenals, New Report Says

    Iran, Syria and Libya are amassing large arsenals of chemical weapons and are determined to obtain or produce nuclear arms and the missiles to deliver them to distant targets by the end of this decade. These claims are contained in a report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center scheduled to be released Monday. The 140-page report,… More ▸

  • German Prosecutor Examines Firms for Exporting Arms Gear to Libya

    The state prosecutor in Wiesbaden is investigating two companies that allegedly tried to provide Libya with high-tech equipment for weapons production, which they tried to export in violation of German law. The materiel, manufactured by the Fritz Werner Co. and prepared for shipping by the Degussa Konzern, was confiscated in Hamburg in July. It was… More ▸

  • Germany Reportedly Helping Libya Build Missiles That Can Hit Israel

    With assistance from Germany, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is trying to build a factory for the production of ground-to-ground missiles capable of striking Israel, according to an article published Monday in the Milan daily Corriere della Sera. The missiles would have a range of 1,000 kilometers, or 620 miles. Missiles fired from Libya’s eastern border… More ▸

  • Convicted Imhausen Won’t Testify at Employees’ Trial on Libya Plant

    The founder of a chemical firm that sent Libya the material and technology to manufacture poison gas has refused to testify at the trial of three former executives charged with complicity in the illegal enterprise. Jurgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, founder and former manager of Imhausen Chemie A.G., is serving a five-year prison term in Mannheim for his… More ▸

  • Another Executive Arrested for Role in Helping Libya Produce Poison Gas

    Police in the German city of Mannheim have arrested another former executive of the Imhausen chemical company, who will face charges of complicity in helping Libya build a factory to produce poison gas. Hans-Joachim Renner was picked up Tuesday on orders from the same Mannheim court where three other former Imhausen executives are currently on… More ▸

  • Executive Admits He Knew in 1986 Firm Helped Libya with Poison Gas

    A chemical company executive has admitted in court that he knew as early as 1986 that his firm was illegally sending Libya the material and technology to build a poison gas factory at Rabta. Eugen Lang, who worked for Imhausen-Chemie A.G., produced a check for 225,000 marks (about $130,000) last Friday in a Mannheim court,… More ▸

  • French Foreign Minister Plans a Meeting with Arafat in Libya

    French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas plans to meet with Yasir Arafat later this month in Libya, becoming the first European foreign minister to see the Palestine Liberation Organization leader since the end of the war in the Persian Gulf. News of such a meeting was predicted this week by diplomatic sources in Luxembourg, where leaders… More ▸

  • U.S. Responds Coolly to Reports That Libya Has Expelled Abul Abbas

    The State Department has responded coolly to reports that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has expelled 145 members of the Palestine Liberation Front and closed four of its training camps. Richard Boucher, the department’s deputy spokesman, said Monday that the United States would welcome such a development “if it were true.” But he said there are… More ▸

  • Libya Helped Plf Plan Failed Attack on Tel Aviv Beaches, Says State Dept.

    Libya provided “direct support in all phases of preparation” for the failed May 30 terrorist raid on Tel Aviv beaches by the Palestine Liberation Front, the State Department has determined. The finding, contained in a report issued Monday by the department’s Office of Counterterrorism, concurs with claims previously made by Israel about Libya’s role in… More ▸