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  • Web Sites and Programs Help Israelis Hurt by Economic Crisis

    At one time, it seemed like an oxymoron to talk about an Israeli with good customer service skills. David Greenblatt hopes to change that. As CEO of Customer Service Management, a New Jersey-based customer service and telemarketing company, Greenblatt hopes to hire characteristically brash sabras in computer service centers he’s opening across Israel — and… More ▸

  • Reform Group Plans to Publish New Women’s Torah Commentary

    Amid a growing interest in Jewish women’s studies, a Reform group is commissioning what will be the most comprehensive women’s Torah commentary ever. Announced days before Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah, the book will be written entirely by women and is expected to take about five years to complete. Edited by… More ▸

  • Capture of Barghouti is Israeli Coup, but Some Fear Palestinian Retaliation

    There were some who saw an element of poetic justice in Israel’s capture of Palestinian militia leader Marwan Barghouti on the eve of Israel’s Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers. Leader of the Fatah Party’s Tanzim militia, Barghouti, 42, has become a symbol — and coordinating force — of the Palestinian intifada against Israel, which has… More ▸

  • Timeline of the Intifada

    The Palestinian intifada has now raged for a year and a half. During that time, periods of escalating violence have been punctuated by occasional attempts at diplomacy and short- lived cease-fires. Following are some of the highlights of the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Sept. 28, 2000 — Some 30 Israeli policemen are wounded on Jerusalem’s… More ▸

  • U.S. Considers Adding Arafat Group to List of Foreign Terror Organizations

    The U.S. State Department is close to adding a group associated with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement to its list of foreign terrorist organizations. “If they’ve committed the actions they’ve claimed, they are definitely worthy” of the list, a State Department official said of the group, the Al-Aksa Brigades, which is considered Fatah’s military wing. The… More ▸

  • Conservative Movement Leader Discovered Joy of Judaism As Adult

    Had anyone told Judy Yudof when she was growing up in Philadelphia that she would one day become president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, she would have been surprised. After all, Yudof did not attend synagogue as a child — and she did not have a Bat Mitzvah. Yudof, 56, who was installed… More ▸

  • Palestinian with Machine Gun Terrorizes Downtown Jerusalem

    The terrorist ran out of a covered passageway located between a clothing shop and a discount drugstore on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road. This portion of Jaffa, located near King George Street and Zion Square, is lined with shoe stores and inexpensive clothing shops. Sbarro’s, the pizzeria that was the scene of last summer’s deadly suicide bombing,… More ▸

  • As Clinton Returns to Israel, It’s Clear How Yasser Arafat’s Status Has Fallen

    What a difference a year makes. A little more than a year ago, President Clinton detailed a Mideast peace plan that included deep Israeli concessions and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. This week, as Clinton visited Israel for the first time since leaving office, the vision of a “New Middle East” that developed under his… More ▸

  • Israel Seizes Control of Tulkarm in Effort to Root out Terror Cells

    After months of calling on the Palestinian Authority to crack down on terrorists, Israel took matters into its own hands this week. Days after a Palestinian terrorist from the West Bank city of Tulkarm opened fire at a Bat Mitzvah in northern Israel, killing six Israelis and wounding more than 30, the Israeli army seized… More ▸

  • Best-selling Author Devotes Energy to Unexpected Project — a Mikvah

    With her novel “The Red Tent” in its 44th week on the New York Times bestseller list, one might expect Anita Diamant to be basking in the glow of literary and financial success. Instead, the 50-year-old Boston author is using much of her newfound clout to build a mikvah, or ritual bath in the Boston… More ▸