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  • Lithuania, in Independence Bid, Seeking Recognition by Israel

    Lithuania, which has found it easier to declare independence from the Soviet Union than to implement it, is seeking recognition by Israel. An indirect offer of diplomatic ties from Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis was conveyed Monday to President Chaim Herzog on Israel’s Independence Day. It arrived by facsimile machine, along with telegrams from President Bush,… More ▸

  • Tracking Lithuanian Collaborators is a Project of Wiesenthal Center

    A global effort to track down Lithuanian war criminals who helped the Nazis murder tens of thousands of Jews during World War II will end its first phase this week. Efraim Zuroff, Israel director of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, delivered the names of 186 suspects here Tuesday to the embassies of West Germany… More ▸

  • Israeli Jews of Lithuanian Origin Ask Lithuania to Admit Holocaust Role

    Israelis of Lithuanian origin are demanding that Lithuania acknowledge its role during the Holocaust before it asks world support for its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union. The Lithuanian government, headed by President Vytautas Landsbergis, has not spoken publicly of collaboration between Lithuanians and the Nazis during World War II. Lithuania is trying to… More ▸

  • Lithuanian Jews Cautious on Republic’s Independence

    Lithuanian Jews are cautiously supportive of the Soviet republic’s declaration of independence, according to members of an American Jewish group that returned from there this week. The majority of Lithuanian Jews view independence as better for them than Soviet rule, said Dr. Barnett Zumoff, who spent four days in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius as… More ▸

  • Former Ss Officer Charged with the Murder of 11,583 Lithuanian Jews

    A former Nazi officer who was extradited from Canada last May where he had lived legally since 1950 was charged today in a Frankfurt court with the murder of more than 11,500 Lithuanian Jews during World War II. According to the charges against Albert Rauca, 75, he was a member of the Nazi secret police… More ▸

  • Soviets Pressure 2 Vilna Activists to Testify Against Naum Salensky

    Soviet authorities are pressing two Vilna activists to testify against Naum Salensky, leader of the city’s Jewish activists who may soon be brought to trial on serious criminal charges, the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry reported today. The Lithuanian KGB accused Vladimir Drot and Vladimir Raiz, of “anti-social and anti-Soviet activities” in connection… More ▸

  • Appeal by Vilna Refuseniks

    The Al Tidom Association has received an urgent message from a group of Soviet Jewish refuseniks in Vilna, asking that world opinion be mobilized to help them win the right to emigrate to Israel. The members of the Vilna group have all been refuseniks for a lengthy period. Their persistence in reapplying for visas has… More ▸

  • Report That Ancient Jewish Cemetery in Vilna Was Levelled

    A leading American Orthodox rabbi reported today that, at the request of the head of the Moscow Jewish community, the Soviet Ministry of Cults had sent a special commission to Radin, near Vilna, to investigate a report that the ancient Jewish cemetery there had been levelled. The Radin cemetery included the grave of the Chofetx… More ▸

  • Murder of Vilna Jew Confirmed

    Jewish sources in the Soviet Union confirmed today that a 50-year-old Vilna Jew, Ilia Moisevich Serebreny, was murdered in his home last week. According to the sources, robbery appears to have been the sole motive. Serebreny had applied for a visa to go to Israel and the robbers may have been after the money he… More ▸