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  • Report That Ancient Jewish Cemetery in Vilna Was Levelled

    A leading American Orthodox rabbi reported today that, at the request of the head of the Moscow Jewish community, the Soviet Ministry of Cults had sent a special commission to Radin, near Vilna, to investigate a report that the ancient Jewish cemetery there had been levelled. The Radin cemetery included the grave of the Chofetx… More ▸

  • Murder of Vilna Jew Confirmed

    Jewish sources in the Soviet Union confirmed today that a 50-year-old Vilna Jew, Ilia Moisevich Serebreny, was murdered in his home last week. According to the sources, robbery appears to have been the sole motive. Serebreny had applied for a visa to go to Israel and the robbers may have been after the money he… More ▸

  • Vilna Jew Reported Killed

    Jewish sources in the United States reported today that Ilia Moisevich Serebreny, a 50-year-old Vilna Jew, was murdered in his home last week, allegedly by Soviet militiamen disguised as hooligans. The sources said that Serebreny had already received his exit visa to Israel and the murder was apparently in connection with a robbery attempt. Serebreny… More ▸

  • Five Vilna Jews Arrested

    The Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today that five Vilna Jews were arrested for refusing to leave the offices of the Central Committee of the Vilna Communist Party. The SSSJ said that in telephone conversations with Jewish activists Gavriel Shapiro and Zed Machlis in Moscow this afternoon, they learned that… More ▸

  • 100 Vilna Jews Stage Daily Sit-ins

    About 100 Vilna Jews have been staging daily sit-ins at Lithuanian Communist Party headquarters since last Thursday to back up their demands for a meeting with officials of the Central Committee to discuss their emigration rights, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today. The JTA was informed by the American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry that… More ▸

  • Jewish Engineer from Vilna Returns W.w. Ii Medals

    A Jewish engineer from Vilna. Binyamin Shtein, sent back to Soviet authorities all the medals and decorations he received for his service in the Red Army during World War II because authorities rejected his family’s third application for permission to emigrate to Israel. The High Medal of the Red Conqueror was one of the medals… More ▸

  • Vilna Woman Granted Visa to Seek Cure in Israel for Sick Child

    A Jewish woman from Vilna arrived here today with her 18-month-old son who is suffering from a blood ailment which Soviet doctors have said was incurable. Mrs. Bella Tzerulmikoff left the Soviet Union on a six month visa after she persuaded Soviet authorities that a cure might he found in Israel. The child has been… More ▸

  • Memorial Services for Jewish Martyrs Held in Vilna, Minsk

    Memorial services for Jewish martyrs were held recently in the Soviet cities of Vilna and Minsk, Jewish sources here said today. In Vilna on April 24, at the site of the World War II murder of numerous Jews, hundreds of Jews turned out for a ceremony that included the laying of wreaths, the lighting of… More ▸

  • Eight Vilna Jews Send Cable to Shazar Expressing Hope for Exodus for All

    President Zalman Shazar received today a cable from eight Vilna Jews expressing “best wishes to the Jewish people for a happy festival of exodus for every one of us equally.” The cable was signed by Leopold Latzman, Rachel Rabinovitz, Boris Gutman, Jacob Feitelson, Meir Gefen, Zalman Zhelinsky, Leonard Schravkov and Elena Levin. More ▸

  • Document Shows Jews Played Significant Role in Lithuanian Partisan Forces

    A document attesting to the very significant part played by Jewish partisans in the struggle against the Nazis in Lithuania has been published here for the first time in a doctoral dissertation on “Jewish Participation in Lithuania in the Struggle Against the Germans During the Second World War” delivered at the Hebrew University by Dov… More ▸