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  • Suspected War Criminal Dies Before Lithuania Pursues Justice

    A Lithuanian suspected of committing war crimes during the Nazi occupation has died without ever being brought to trial. Antanas Mineikis, 80, died Monday at an old-age home. He had recently suffered a stroke, according to news reports. His death came as Lithuania launched an investigation into another suspected war criminal, Kazys Gimzauskas. But Jewish… More ▸

  • Lithuania Begins Investigation of Suspected Nazi War Criminal

    Lithuania has launched an investigation of a suspected Nazi war criminal living in the Baltic nation. The decision to investigate Kazys Gimzauskas was given a cautious welcome by Jewish leaders, who said similar moves in the past against suspected war criminals had failed to lead to convictions. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s… More ▸

  • Lithuania Delays Action on Law to Facilitate War Criminal Trial

    Lithuania’s Parliament has delayed action on an amendment that would facilitate the prosecution of alleged World War II criminals. The move has the biggest impact on the unfinished case of Aleksandras Lileikis, 90, who is accused of having handed Jews over to death squads in Vilnius during World War II when he was head of… More ▸

  • Lithuania Marks Holocaust Day by Honoring Christian Rescuers

    Lithuania has observed its annual commemoration of Holocaust victims by honoring Christians who risked their lives to save Jews during World War II. Lithuanian President Algirdas Brazauskas last week decorated 27 Lithuanians with the Life Rescuer Cross, which was established in 1992, soon after Lithuania gained its independence from the Soviet Union. The commemoration came… More ▸

  • Lithuania Voids Pardon of Alleged War Criminal

    The Lithuanian Supreme Court has annulled a 1991 pardon granted to an alleged war criminal. Petras Kriksciunas was accused by the Soviet authorities of killing Jews in Vilnius, Lithuania, during World War II. Some 50,000 Lithuanians who were convicted as war criminals by Soviet courts were exonerated by the Baltic nation after it gained independence… More ▸

  • New Synagogue Opens in Lithuania

    A new synagogue has been dedicated in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. The synagogue includes a small soup kitchen to offer meals to needy Jews twice a week, and a Torah scroll the community received from a British synagogue. The Lithuanian seaport, formerly known as Memel, had a Jewish community before the war of 10,000… More ▸

  • Israeli Ambassador’s Speech Provokes Storm in Lithuania

    A speech by Israel’s ambassador to Lithuania has that country’s politicians up in arms. Within days after the speech by Oded Ben Hur, Lithuania’s Parliament delayed action on amendments to the country’s criminal code that would facilitate the investigation of alleged World War II criminals. During a discussion of the amendments, parliamentarian Rimantas Smetona urged… More ▸

  • Lithuanian Leaders Laud Legacy of 18th-century Jewish Scholar

    Commemorations marking the 200th yahrzeit of the Vilna Gaon began this week in Lithuania amid criticism from some Jewish leaders that the country had failed to bring alleged war criminals to justice. This week’s opening session of Parliament, which was attended by Lithuanian President Algirdas Brazauskas and Prime Minister Gediminas Vagnorius, was devoted to speeches… More ▸

  • Lithuania Premier Wants Review of War Criminal Pardon Practice

    Lithuania’s prime minister is seeking to accelerate the annulment of pardons granted to suspected war criminals. Coming just days before the commemoration of the 200th yahrzeit of the Vilna Gaon — an event boycotted by some Jewish groups — the prime minister’s call last week for action was viewed by some as a ploy aimed… More ▸