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  • Cracow Ghetto Liquidated in “worst Pogrom of Nazi Annihilation Campaign” Poles Say

    Thousands of Jews in the Cracow ghetto were slaughtered and other thousands were deported to the dread concentration camp at Oswiecim during the week-end of March 13-15 in what is described as “one of the worst pogroms of the Nazi annihilation campaign,” according to reliable information reaching Polish Government circles here today. While the exact… More ▸

  • Nazis “liquidate” Lodz Ghetto; Deport All Jews from Brzezin

    The continued Nazi massacres of Jews in Poland surpass even the massacres of the Armenians by the Turks which stirred the world some 20 years ago, the Swedish press states today. Information reaching here today from occupied Poland indicates that the Nazis are proceeding with the liquidation of the ghetto in Lodz, second largest ghetto… More ▸

  • Jews Burned in Byalistock Synagogue; Only 500 Left in Vienna

    In the city of Byalistock 1,500 Jews were herded into the Great Synagogue and burned alive. In the town of Tiktin almost all Jews were buried alive. In other ghetto towns Jews are being annihilated by similar methods, the report states. In the Warsaw and Lodz ghettos there has been an alarming decrease in the… More ▸

  • Jews in Poland Are in Constant Fear of Death, Says Underground Report

    An authentic report from the Jewish underground movement in Nazi-held Poland released here today by its American representation discloses the latest developments in Jewish life in the ghettos. It emphasizes that efforts are being made to educate and feed at least twenty percent of the Jewish children, and that the death rate among adults is… More ▸

  • Nazis to Further Curtail Rations for Jews in Poland; Prohibit Family Kitchens

    Measures indicating that the Nazi authorities in occupied Poland plan to further reduce the bread ration for Jews there, aggravating the already acute situation in the ghettos, are reported in the Nazi-controlled Polish press received here today. In Lodz, Jews are no longer permitted to eat at home, the papers disclose. Family kitchens have been… More ▸

  • Allied Nations Considering Reprisals for Nazi Massacres of Jews in Poland

    Immediate reprisals against Germany for the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews by the Gestapo are now under consideration by the Allied Nations, the Jews in Nazi-held Poland were told today in a broadcast from London. The broadcast, addressed to the Jews of occupied Poland, was repeated by the British radio in all… More ▸

  • Nazis Massacre 700,000 Polish Jews; Thousands Executed in Mobile Gas Chambers

    More than 700,000 Polish Jews – a third of the entire Jewish population – have been massacred by the Nazis in Poland since last summer, it was charged in a detailed report received here today through underground channels by Samuel Zygelbaum, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. Thousands of these victims were killed by… More ▸

  • All Jews Expelled from Kutno; Nazis Forbid Cracow Jews to Use Electric Lights

    All the Jews have been expelled from the Polish town of Kutno, birthplace of the famous Yiddish novelist Sholom Asch, it is reported in the Litzmannstaedter Zeitung, published by the Nazis in Lodz, which reached here today. The Nazi newspaper reports that a celebration was held in Kutno this week to mark the ousting of… More ▸

  • Nazi Decree Forbids Jews in Poland to Buy Any Food Except Rationed Bread, Sugar

    The Jewish population in Poland, already living under conditions of virtual starvation, has been forbidden to purchase any food except meager rations of bread and sugar, by a new Nazi decree reported in the German newspapers reaching here today. At the same time, the Nazi authorities in Poland are cancelling the Polish passports of the… More ▸